Former donk of the day winner Ja’Kani Tashmeka returns with a new Dynasty Series photo shoot. Check out the photo shoot pictures below.



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Mal Malloy Black leggings

Meet Fernanda Guimaraes…


  • Warlloyd

    Yep she’s bad

  • Mister Mister

    Oh yeah, she’s real tough.

  • Big ALbert

    She looks way better in the homegrown imo.

    ….are those “Mom jeans”?

  • The Man

    why does she and her ass look regular in her homegrown flicks?

  • Realtalkin

    She good

  • Female Body Inspector

    Team Chocolate scores again!

  • President Ward


  • tyuaza

    Eh nothing spectacular but she’ll do

  • Southwestern

    Awful name, stupid photoshopping, bad chick. More homegrowns please.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    She aite

  • MoorFedayeen

    Meh, she could stand to lose that 16″ weave then we reassess. Black woman envy Native American features. And they shouldn’t but they do.