Donk Of The Day Beautiful the Beast

· November 11, 2010

All natural Beautiful the Beast is Thursdays Donk of the day. Her ass is definitely in the heavyweight division of donks. Are you feeling Beautiful The Beast?

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  1. moorfedayeen says:

    That 2nd pic is INSANE! That girl damn sure aint from this planet; she looks like a goddess.

    • moorfedayeen says:

      Yeah I said that b4 I looked at the vid but she still 100. Not f*ckin with Solie or Jazzy B. Photoshop helped her a great deal.

      • Hahz says:

        Moor Solie or Jazzy B can’t even dance like Lastarya

        • moofedayeen says:

          lol I didn’t say they did but I think all will agree Solie and Jazzy got LaStarya by heads & shoulders. If it wasn’t for Star’s dancing ability, where would she be?…plus we aint even sure if the thing is real but we know Jazz & Solie are 100%. You gotta feel me.

          Jazz #1
          Put her in a battle and see!

  2. tim says:

    The Hip to Thigh to Ass ratio is a bit suspect to me. Pretty in the face square in the waist. In about 30 to 35 years this broads best friend’s name gone be Patrick.

    Too me the ass is extra flat in that shoot. Still, if I got to oil up half naked broads I would not care either.

    • Big CASTER says:

      At 1st I thought my man tim was h8n. But after I looked at the vid I c what he sayn. The ass aint exactly flat but ill jus say that w all the photoshop u will b quite disappointed when u c these women in person

  3. tim says:

    That’s a nice pic of her on the table, but suspect.

  4. Cold and hot says:

    The video of her in the green shorts is nice, damn!

  5. DHaynes says:

    The pic of her on the table is NICE… I am a fan of how that ass on those hips spread like that! Cute in the face! The videos say alot tho… Who stole the ass? (She does have some ass, but those pics made me believe she was workin wit ALOT more… Damn u photoshop and lens Trickery!) No tits. At the end of the day she is still a SOLID STUNNER.

  6. t-tyme says:

    wow, simply incredible!!!

  7. B strait up says:

    she cool,she strait!

  8. Wildboi says:

    Now that’s real talk there Hahz…. ain’t nan woman in the industry is mesing with Lastarya. Especially in the dancing department. This woman here is nice she’s a runner up she’s perfect I love the chocolate sistah’s.

    “Stay thirsty my friends”

  9. gphi says:

    Tight post overall, esp. pic#2(her thighs look amazing). Both of the clips are tight too, esp. clip#2. PEACE!!!

  10. Moula says:

    she’s real nice! nothin negative bout her.

  11. Rob says:

    i’m a fan! i dont know if its the angles or what but i seen her in person at jazzie bday party and the videos just dont do her justice. cant wait for her site cause i seen all this already too

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