Dime Time: Kaylin Garcia

· June 5, 2012

Today’s dime time spotlight is on 20 year-old Kaylin Garcia out of Florida. She is Choreographer/model that has been in videos such as The Dream ” Roc”,Trina “Red Bottoms”, Mystikal feat. Lil Wayne “Original”. Her measurements are 34c,26,40.

Twitter @garcia_kaylin

Check out her interview with endeeonline.com.

For the people that haven’t heard of you yet, who is Kaylin Garcia? Kaylin Garcia is a very energetic outgoing person, she is a woman, which is not afraid to speak her mind in a respectful manner, and believes that dreams do come true.

What made you be a dancer? I’d have to say my Father, he had a lot to do with it, and considering the fact the he was a break dancer back in his day in PR.

Is there anybody that inspire you or you look up to? Yes, I look up to Beyonce. She has accomplished so many things in her life and at her age I would be proud of myself too.

How was your experience during the Trina music video, and how where you selected for that? My experience during the Trina Music Video was amazing; it was my first professional video. I got to meet with Trina personally and the director. My agent iconTalent sent me on the audition, and from there I auditioned they loved my look and talent and so they booked me as a featured dancer.

What was your first dance project? My first dance project was in middle school where I choreographed one of the dance cla@$$@ dance show case. It was very fun to do I had a great time choreographing.

We love the Curly Mohawk is that your signal look? The Mohawk is my signature look, but I have different ways of wearing my Mohawk. I also can do other different looks with my hair being curly.

I know you hear it but you’re very beautiful anything else in your future besides or after modeling/dancing?
Thank you so much

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  1. Good looking out Hahz. I knew u would come through for me. Damn she is a true dime. Look at the dynamics of this woman!

  2. She’s TC by the way Bp Corp gremlins.

    • Red C.E. says:

      BP Corp ain’t been on they job lately


    • Naw @kevy kev u know what roster she belongs on….BP!!! And shes a choreographer,the only reason #teamchocolate wants her so she can teach all yall fellas how to do the “chicken noodle soup dance” lmao!!! **@FBI voice**…”shiiid B…I’m still doing the electric slide” lol

      • Red C.E. says:

        Nope ya’ll know the rules of ANS

        First One that Files a Claim wins the prize

        BP Corp ya’ll lost this round

    • presto 2.0 says:

      somebodies been smokin crack this morn…**@850 raises hand**…”Thanks for the new shorty…we’ll and her to the collection”….TeamCHOCOLATE…((puts emphasis on the word))…CHOCOLATE

      yall mad aintcha?…Bp Corporation 2012

      • MoorFed says:

        Red you trippin, more & more. How is she remotely chocolate? That’s them all day. Fucc it

        • Red C.E. says:

          She would be Caramel Enterprises instead of BP corp

          • MoorFed says:

            @Red Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww? Man give that Caramel sh1t a rest. Caramel World is BP! What’s the difference? Them BP n1ggas need to sue yo azz for copyright infringement til you fold, LOL. Either TC or BP get ‘em. Team F get the stragglers that got any flaws, or just fugly as hell with a slamin body. See how I found a spot to fit into? Damn, I came up.

          • mr.p says:

            Dude you are the biggest flip flop on here you don’t deserve to speak…C.E. my azz lol

    • mr.p says:

      She’s not even chocolate, sucka! lol

    • mr.p says:

      Na she isn’t chocolate with a busted horse face she cant be TC.

  3. Red C.E. says:

    Damn she is Beautiful

  4. Damn, she only 20 years-old? And in pic #2 & #13 she getting her drink on WTF?!

  5. tone says:

    Beautiful feeling her hair. she Is BP

    • @tone, fly down to florida & recruit this lady ASAP. We got teamchocolate bozos attempting to steal our future stars LOL…BP!!

      • presto 2.0 says:

        yeah…”you kno they’ll steal anything that aint nailed down”…bunch of Ezells

        **TruTv’s Dumbest Criminals Footage**

        **@Moor on tape sticking Snicker bar in his Northface Bubble Coat…and Arabic clerk beats his azz wit a bat**

  6. karter6 says:

    who the hell is Bp

  7. TYBO2020 says:


  8. Mike Lowrey says:

    She’s a well rounded put. Gotta stay on the look out for her.

  9. 313Deuce says:

    a real talk i would get wit her petite ass. 20 yrs old i doubt it i would say at least 23. she look older. This has BP Corp written all over this.

  10. PapiChulo says:


  11. mr.p says:

    She’s BP…TC chicks are ugly so theres no way shes TC

  12. 2Meek says:

    Her measurement are so off there’s nothing on her a 40

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