Brett Favre’s Daughter Is Super Thick

· December 11, 2012

The legendary 42-year-old Brett Favre has a legitimate reason for former teammates to call him “Grandpa”. Now it appears his daughter Brittany is trying to make a name for herself. Check out Favre’s daughter Brittany Favre posing for the cameras. Ice-T would approve of her.

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  1. Juice says:

    Damnnn? Where the pictures??? dont do me like this

  2. she thicker than ragu! twitter going crazy with this rumor though hahaha

  3. k-iller says:

    Coco = spoiled dairy land milk, Brittany Favre = Pure silk almond vanilla!

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    Need them bonuses brah, brah

  5. WildWild says:

    Shiid yea… Hell we like @Moor over here pro black.. but I’d bring her snow white azz around and mf’s gone b jealous

  6. Realtalkin says:

    Real thick!! Wud love to see more shots

  7. DonkRida says:


  8. Tim says:

    She gone get it, and daddy gone be upset. Black dudes gone be on her.

  9. Playboy69 says:


  10. anonymous says:

    Sorry all. Not Brett Favre daughter. Its a young lady named Pamela Alexandra. She still can get it!!!!


  12. DCAssLuva says:

    damn!!! well she is country girl so i can believe it but i never seen her at none of favre’s games

  13. too_funny says:

    yeah its his daughter based on the pic in the link below,

    as u can tell its an old pic but she looks like this girl in the face older with some added weight

  14. Datboy says: not his daughter this chick name is Pamela Alexandra

  15. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    SCREAMING “we dont believe you , you need more people” until i see an official twitter saying she’s farves , then im not believing.

    But at same time snowflake certified.

  16. lazarus says:

    Yeah she built up, not too tight in the face tho. Nice frame. need a backshot to make me a believer.

  17. Tyuaza says:

    Delicia Heart is a thick brazilian chick and i love it

  18. damnshame says:

    OH MY!!!!!!!

  19. wobeli says:

    Solid thickness indeed

  20. uptownrae says:

    nice pawg …..@hahz we need more pics

  21. Pamela says:

    Hi guys

    I wanted to let you know that I’m NOT Brett Favre’s daughter.

    My name is Pamela Alexandra, I’m 24 years old and a Brazilian. Please correct the details in your Blog. You can find me on Twitter @deliciaheart or Instagram @pamelaalexandra

    Thanks and take care.

  22. 206dee says:

    Hella Thick

  23. scanna,zoe says:

    i say she deserve to be in my mouth every day !!!

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