Fellas before you plan a bachelors party at Black Diamond Atlanta strip club you might wanna know that they feature transgender strippers at XS Ultra Lounge in Midtown.

It’s being billed as the first transgender strip club experience in Atlanta, with a “sneak peek” preview party set for April 24.

“There’s never been anything like this in Atlanta before,” lead dancer and spokesperson for the weekly event, Chanel Monroe, told the Georgia Voice. Judging by the flier and Facebook page, Black Diamond Atlanta’s entertainers will be performing gender roles similar to their all-female counterparts.

According to Monroe, they expect the clientele will consist mostly of heterose*ual males, although doors will be open to all se*ual orientations and identi*ies. Besides a rotating cast of 10 dancers each week, the wait staff will also be transgendered.

The venue, located at 708 Spring Street, has some history as a gay night spot in Atlanta. Before its latest incarnation as XS Ultra Lounge kicked off in 2011, it was known as Club 708 (also a teen club for a spell), and Loretta’s before that.

The area surrounding the venue has also been a hot spot for transse*ual se* workers in the past. Similarly, Black Diamond Atlanta’s Facebook page has turned into something of a landing page for TS escorts soliciting on the low. Here’s a quick taste:

hi guys i stand 5’7 144lbs 38c-27-32 real photos.phat bu** ..real brea***..lookin for serious men only…come get it while its HOTTTTT!!!!!

  • REX!!!


  • Tim

    In my Don King Voice stepped down to a state, “Only in Atlanta!”

    The person say they looking for straight dudes to show up!

    HA HA!!!!!

  • Smoov

    @Rex I was really thinkin the same thang! The Lord Crushed 2 cities in the bible because of this type of thang. I ain’t judging, just hope they tell kids about the abuse, bullying, and discrimination they will receive for mimicking the life style the club and patrons are portraying.

  • scootyblack

    And I hope yall don’t think all these video vixens are 100 percent woman….especially the latinas, they transition with ease cause latin males already have delicate features.

  • god

    niggas be on twitter all day looking at transgenders B

  • MoorFedayeen

    You best believe #BP WILL BE in the building in full affect, goin dumb! Hell @Prest might even dress up his damn self and hit the stage. Smh

    • trap101 (The Unstopable Mega Corp)

      Damn it!! @Moor already got first pickin’s on the joke .

  • MoorFedayeen

    Oh Fa show! So you heading up there or what?

    • trap101 (The Unstopable Mega Corp)

      U tryin to invite me or sumthin? I think @2bumcheeks_wit_a_dick would probably be down for that wit ya.

      • Moor #TC Warriors

        Hahaha naw n1gga it’s already a known fact that #Bp had to of promoted this cause who else would do some fuq mess like this?

  • For Serious

    This is exactly why i dont do that fake booty injected crap! If she aint natural and she dont have a period once a month as bad as it might sound i aint f’n with her. Real women ovulate.

  • lazarus

    Sodom an Got damn-it. this is REAL. Word. They gettin seats in hell prepared for the jump-off. WOW. There will be problems in A-Town over this or are ya’ll cool wit this. ????????
    This couldn’t happen in OHIO fam. At least I don’t think.

    • 1luv

      They done made a club based off of Solomon and Gamora. Time for the downlow men to come out into that club. I am not the type to go to strip clubs and with this type of freakshow, I don’t think I will be visting any soon. You never no with some of these so called women out there.

      Damn ATL, these people is making yall look bad.

  • grmnmusl

    A weh di clat a gwan!

  • Sophie

    I’m transexual and I work at a strip club on the west coast and I do just fine,id make bank if it was more nights

  • Yes it’s weird but true experince i had years ago and recently the real pure feminine ones are prettier and sexier than real women i know!

    I live in PA btw south east borders NJ

  • red

    Anybody know the phone no#