Atlanta strip club fact.. 1 of the multiple popular strip clubs in Atlanta has over 100+ dancers on there roster. Coming next to the ANS stage is Kimmi Stephens who was featured before and has a exotic look with a donk. Thoughts?

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  • Murder

    this chick extra ratchet you better strap up extra tight

    • Hell yeah better yet I would pass on her. She fine as hell I can’t take that away from her. But just to know the fact that she’s a stripper just f**cked my mood up lol.

  • Thank you Hahz you answered my request. Now this chick here is thick as hell. I know she making some money.

  • t-tyme

    she got a phat ass but that about it, face is not cute @ all, not hatin’ I’m just sayin’!!!

  • kingjuan30

    hmmmmm she just another messy( Hood Rat ) to me peace….

  • trap101

    the bird ( she’s not even wort being called a girl), is in a pic with the infamous Kat Stacks…..Superhead 2.0…….need I say more?

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yea I gave her the benefit til I saw her with Rat Stacks. No woman with an ounce of worth would be seen with Stacks. She a hole-in-the wall stripper and more then likely prostitute.

  • mr.portcity

    She has that hard look to her face like she bn up all nite for a few yrs and she has cuz she a stripper…azz fat tho

  • ac 919

    Ass phat thats bout and the pic with kat stacks f****cked up the groove…. but the chick in pic 4 with the multicolored skirt on is certified!!!!

  • Tim

    No question about the fake cakes here.

  • sammo

    this chick look thirsty as fuck to me….would still smash though

  • Rayray74

    I always wanted to bang a stripper n I would bang her

  • That’s a nice looking fake butt LOL. PEACE!!!

  • LOL, this was a high school smash, shout out to MHS 05, she definitely got but shots….

  • Not really feeling her…Should’ve have kept it natural.

  • lol love the feedback guys….so rude do your homework .. I don’t strip… I’m an elite model . Actress . Pianist . N to the haters…. Nothing ur worthless lol c.louboutin on my feet royal Lamborghini my fav in my fleet and twostory penthouse where I sleep. Pish posh…

    • LoL

      Girl stop lying with all that nasty silicone in your body, You have like 50 mugshots on the net for being a prositute as well as other charges [Akimmiann Stephens] any1 can look it up. The sad thing is you had more silicone put in. Now your ass is nasty looking with darkspots,dents and lumps on it and its staring to fall soon it will travel down your legs and other parts of the body.. By the way doctors can not get it out because its loose silicone and thats not even medical silicone in your body thats industrial silicone. I would hate to see how you look in a few years if the loose silicone allows you to live that long

  • mike

    You were a escort I seen you a couple of times so don’t act like you someone big, you just sleep around with everyone and sell your body

  • damn hoe

    lil mama look like a lost, insecure, self hating chickenhead. Seen her around a couple times…she cute…but damn lol why da a$$ shots though smh at least she tried.

  • Gold Mouth


  • LoL

    And you nigs are nasty would due anything moving even a chicken with a huge out of shape silicone injected azz.. Thats why most of your Di@ks are falling off……….

  • :0

    Would smash