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Yard House Atlantic Station Review

I have visited Yard House in Atlantic Station numerous times from the grand opening week till recently. My first impression of Yard House was their service was on another level similar to Houston’s. Recently the quality of service all depends about who is servicing you like any other restaurant. The food has been great every trip. The average entree is $10-20 and they have lunch and happy hour specials. As far as Atlantic Stations restaurants they stay open the latest, I believe the last call for food is 11pm.

I think there number one attraction factor is the 130 Beers on tap they offer. I’m not a beer drinker so I couldn’t speak on that.

One thing I noticed that myself and a lot of other people had a complaint with was during the NBA playoffs they blast music instead of turning on the TV’s so you can hear the game. When you ask the staff about turning down the music and turning up the TV’s they all say “That will never happen, they never do that”. One bartender told me that a group of customers were about to start a riot to get the music turned down so they could hear the game. So if you want to hear a NBA/NFL game in a bar I wouldn’t recommend Yard House.

As for as a single person looking to mingle there are options in there. I came to the conclusion that Yard House blasts rock & roll all night long to prevent the mixed crowd from from looking like Fox Sports that closed down up the street.

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