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3 WordPress Hosting Services That Can’t Be Beat

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Web hosting is the core of a successful website, and choosing the perfect WordPress hosting solution helps increase traffic, improve your site’s SEO, leverage conversion rate, and enable you to rank higher on search engines. Various types of hosting suitable are compatible with WordPress. These include virtual private servers, managed hosting, shared hosting, and exclusive hosting.

But which one should you choose? How do you know if a hosting solution is right for your website’s needs? Does WordPress recommend any hosting providers who meet their requirements? What features should you check when choosing a hosting solution?

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How To Efficient Choose An Effective WordPress Hosting Solution: A Beginner’s Guide To Dynamic Website

WordPress is, by far, the most popular CMS platform that hosts millions of websites worldwide. The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to how to create a stunning and professionally-looking website. However, to help you launch your website, a few essential factors need to be done, the essential thing—web hosting solution.

If you are a newcomer, web hosting can be confusing with jargons you may never hear of. You might end up subscribing to features that are not ‘yet’ beneficial for your website. Furthermore, spending way too much than needed, especially for small and startup businesses with a limited budget, hinders success.

Understanding how the world of web hosting works and how to take advantage of its benefits can help leverage your business. WordPress, like most platforms, comes with specific requirements for you to run your websites seamlessly. In fact, with WordPress’s popularity, most hosting solutions are created to meet it’s preferences and are highly compatible.

All of these requirements are featured on every web hosting solution to ensure your website’s outstanding performance. Some groups intensively review and recommend specific hosting solutions to simplify your life when searching for web hosts. For instance, the guy from Hosting Foundry—a top-rated, unbiased, and expert web hosting group, understands the very need of every individual and provides honest insights of hosting solutions to simplify your life.

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Features To Check With A Web Host

Not all web hosting solutions are created equal, and knowing what features must be included helps you increase your success rate and leverage business. There are features vital for startup websites and features needed for established businesses. Scalability, performance, and reliability are essential, and some web hosts excel in these areas.

WordPress runs under a lightweight script, and most web hosting providers offer total compatibility. Some of its requirements include PHP, MySQL, and SSL certification. Several websites hosting providers offer one-click-easy-WordPress-installation on plans you register. With that, it’s a total convenience on your end as you can set up your site in a few clicks.

Here are some of the must-check features needed before signing up for any hosting service that offers a great deal.

  • Technical Support

You might think you don’t need any assistance until you get stuck on something you can’t figure out, and the only way to fix it—technical assistance from your web host provider. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 responsive and active customer support. Fast response and solutions prevent downtime that affects site performance and user experience.

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  • Disk Space (Storage)

Disk space or the amount of storage allocated on your website depends on plans or package subscription. The storage is used by your website content, pages, graphics, media, or files used in your website, accessible to site visitors. Several web hosts offer specific amounts of disk space, and some higher plans offer unmetered storage.

  • Uptime Score

An essential aspect that affects your site’s availability to help website visitors find and visit your website. Though most hosting solutions offer a 99.9% guaranteed uptime score, the best way to find its reliability is to check previous customer feedback. Any downtime can affect user experience and site performance.

  • Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

Bandwidth is the volume of data being transferred monthly. If you have limited bandwidth and have consumed all of it, your website might temporarily be down, and you will need to upgrade your previous plan. Some web host solutions offer unlimited bandwidth.

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  • SSL Certificate

SSL certificates and other tools that enhance security on the site improves credibility and reliability. Google requires SSL certificates on websites and if you don’t have one affects your site ranking and visibility.

Besides that, secured servers prevent other sites from accessing your files and databases, firewall protection, antivirus protection, reliable authentication, robust passwords, secured payment methods, encryptions, etc.

  • Domain Name

A domain name acts as your site’s specific address and name applicable in the vast digital world. With a registered domain, you can secure your site’s domain or identify it. Domain name’s validity lasts for a year, and it requires renewal to maintain it’s privacy.

Most web host solutions offer a free domain for a year, and it’s up to you to renew it in the succeeding years to come.

  • Shared or Exclusive IP Address

Your IP address is like your permanent virtual address that redirects other devices to locate your server through your domain and web host. There are benefits you can get either with shared or exclusive IP addresses based on your website requirements.

Though exclusive hosting offers more security and privacy, it can be pricey. While shared hosting is affordable, it’s specifically ideal for small sites that generate little traffic. Good thing, most shared hosting offers scalability once your site starts to grow and reach a set target.

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  • Email Account

Most hosting solutions offer customized email addresses suitable for businesses and individuals with unlimited storage, autoresponders, email filters, etc. Always check a plan that offers this one, as you will need this to build a more robust digital marketing strategy in the future.

  • Building Tools

Whether you’re starting from scratch or not, your web host should provide page builder tools included in their plans. Advanced site builder software like visitor tracker, guestbook, newsletter, ads, gallery, blogs, etc., helps leverage your website performance.

  • Control Panel

As the site owner, securing, managing, and maintaining website content are some of your tasks (unless you registered for managed hosting). cPanel features the software or tools you need to maintain security and privacy. It includes managing your site domains, web pages, creating parked domains, FTP accounts, etc.

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Recommended Hosting Solution For WordPress

Among hundreds of WordPress-compatible hosting solutions, only three of these are recommended by the platform. Though several providers meet WordPress requirements, it’s a tough chore to select which one is best for your website.

Luckily, here are the three top-rated and highly recommended hosting providers ideal for WordPress. According to the hosting experts at WebHostingProf, choosing the best hosting provider for your website not only offers security for your website files, it means your site’s performance can be boosted with a reliable and fast web host, increasing your SEO and potential ROI.

1. Siteground

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Siteground offers the best tools to efficiently manage WordPress websites, such as managed updates, one-click easy install, git integration, WordPress staging, and WP-CLI. It offers responsive technical support to assist you anytime 24/7 and uses the latest technology to ensure your site is high-speed and optimum.

2. BlueHost

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WordPress does not just recommend BlueHost; it’s also a pioneer in web hosting solutions. It provides one-click easy WordPress installation, WP-centric dashboards, free domain, FTP, email, 24/7 excellent support team, and conveniently easily plan scalability

3. DreamHost

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With more than ten years of experience and commitment, DreamHost is one tough hosting provider for your WordPress site. It highly optimizes technology suitable for WordPress with a great team to solve any issue faster. Either you manage your servers or allow the team to do it and focus on growing your business depending on your preferences and budget.


There are still many hosting providers out there, but these three stand out among the competition due to the unique features that meet WordPress requirements. Furthermore, these top-rated providers know what you need and offer the best features to upscale your business, from setting up to upscaling.