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Why Use A Proxy: 5 Reasons You Need SOAX

When we hear about proxy services, we remember VPN, denied sources access, and other things remotely resembling some data manipulations. Usually, people know how proxies work if they use them for their jobs, and unfortunately, regular users lack this knowledge. So to explain the advantages of a proxy server online, let’s start with the baseline questions.

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What is a proxy server?

Proxy servers are mediators that help filter and change the data according to the task a proxy has. The process of data exchange with a proxy in-between includes the following steps:

  1. A user sends a request that contains IP and other data.
  2. A mediating service – a proxy – receives this request and analyses the data. If that IP address is allowed to get the requested info, it passes the request forward (the data is encrypted, and the IP may be changed or hidden).
  3. The web host gets the request and sends the information back.
  4. The response comes again to a proxy first. It analyses the data, checking if it contains any malicious content. As the results are good, the server transmits the response forward.
  5. A user gets the requested info.

The absence of such a mediator can result in stealing personal data, devices affected by malicious content or software, and other troublesome situations. In the case of using unreliable proxies, it can lead to similar consequences.

How to realize if a service is reliable?

When trying to find a reliable service, it’s better to keep out from suspicious platforms and apps and look for something worthy from the very beginning. It saves you from trying all sorts of solutions and, consequently, saves your data from being collected.

When you aim to find a source that provides a decent set of features for a fair price, pay attention to the following:

  • the way a proxy presents itself – if everything is simple, the price is lowest, and the slogan is the brightest, it should be a point of suspicion;
  • the list of features provided in each plan or the opportunities that the service provides in general;
  • the evidence that people have worked with this platform or tool;
  • transparent contact information and other data related to the company name and registration.

Generally, the more developed the website of a proxy server is – the more chances it is a trustful service.


  • high speed and productivity of the servers;
  • comfortable dashboard and setting opportunities;
  • a huge variety of residential and mobile IPs to use for private needs and business;
  • backconnect proxies with automated rotation;
  • a variety of subscription options for any user to find a solution (and an opportunity to discuss a custom plan).

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Finding a safe proxy service is not a big deal if you know aspects to be aware of. SOAX is one of those mediating services that will provide you ample room for your business or comfortable personal use. Try now and see the difference!