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Data Leaks: How They Happen And How They Can Be Prevented

Source: csoonline.com

Data leaks are a big threat to most companies. Not only do they leave your customers at risk of losing their personal information to the internet, such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, they can also cause your company to lose business because of leaking product information. Hackers are widely active worldwide; even multinational companies face these data leak issues.

It has become one of the foremost important tasks for organizations to take care of their customer’s data because personal details about a person are highly sensitive. Are you curious about how to prevent a data leak? In this article, the basis information of data leaks is explained.

Source: csoonline.com

Weak and stolen credentials

One of the most common causes of leaks is weak credentials. If you tend to use your password for more than one server, the chances of unauthorized access tend to be a lot bigger. Also, predictable passwords are never safe. That’s why people in general install software to prevent people from using passwords that are too easy.

Common phrases like: ‘name 123’ or ‘name-year of birth’ makes it uncomplicated to gain access to your personal information. Therefore, you must use a password that is difficult to estimate but should be easier to remember. Try not to save sensitive passwords on your browser. Many times your browser will compromise and passwords stolen.

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Accessing a computer or network

Another way of getting access to a company computer is by accessing a computer or network. Although this does depend on the type of company, data and computer. Examples of accessing a computer or network are by looking at files or bypassing security, even for a second.

It is important to remember that not every data leak is dangerous. Some companies are only annoying and tend to send lots of emails, but are never a real threat to your company. However, this is different for data leaks that expose sensitive information about your customers. Especially when it comes to social security numbers—again, it differs per company and the type of product you sell—it is important to get professional support to fix these kinds of issues. Not every ICT skilled person can deal with such serious matters.

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Help for unauthorized transferred credentials and data leaks

Lots of companies deal with data leaks. Fixing these problems takes a lot of time and it goes without saying that preventing data leaks is always better. However, the deep dark web can be a mysterious place. We don’t always know what is going on there. Therefore, it is wise to enlist professional help. Dark web monitoring tools can be of service to your company and your customers.

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