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Why It is Important to Make a Shareholders’ Agreement for an Irish Company

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A shareholder’s agreement is a type of contract that is done between all of or some of the shareholders of the firm and the company. This contract administers the relation between the parties, and it included their personal obligations and rights.

This document along with the Company Constitution and the Companies Act 2014 form the requirements, and rules by which the firm, shareholders, and directors are needed to act in relation to one another, as well as the company. Here are a few reasons why the shareholder of a private firm should consider forming an agreement.

About Shareholder Agreement

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This document is a type of legally binding contract that takes place between the company itself and the shareholders of the company. This contract is used to provide guidelines in relation to the conduct and rights of the members during various circumstances and dealings in the business.

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This legal contract is prepared between the shareholding members to govern their rights and responsibilities. This contract creates an outline for the execution and administration of the firm, thereby providing a greater level of certainty for all the parties involved.

One of the main reasons why you should get this agreement is because of insufficient provisions as mentioned in the Companies Act 2014. Due to minimal rules that govern minority members, dispute resolution, and the sale of shares, the requirement for this additional document arises.

A Shareholder Agreement helps to protect a business from an undesired imbalance in prolonged and damaging conflicts that happens within the firm. This agreement grants power to the members that a specific share class would lack.

For example, it provides a minority power to any of the members for appointing a director, or for handling such complicated details at the time of winding up the firm.

How can Shareholder Agreements Help?

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A tailored Agreement document needs to be prudently drafted based on business laws. By preparing this document, the company ensures that eventualities are in place. It enables the business to execute smoothly and focus completely on acquiring and advancing the customer base. This agreement is a confidential document that is not disclosed to the public.

Reasons why businesses should consider a Shareholder Agreement

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It serves as a useful tool to avoid and manage disputes without requiring to dissolving the company. In such a situation, one or more shareholders may be required to sell their shares to the others on the board, or back to the company itself.

Investor protection

Another main reason why you need to have one in place is to protect the risk of investors. It is important to note that Investors take a lot of risk on their investment, because they may not be able to recover the investments that they have made in the company. The document should specify the board to settle certain provisions that are planned to safeguard investor position.


The shareholders have access to valuable confidential data of the company. This agreement contains confidentiality provisions to ensure that the shareholders will keep both the agreement data as well as the company data confidential throughout the lifespan of the agreement. This enclosed document will not be made accessible to the public, unlike the company constitution.


It imposes certain restrictions on each signatory and is helpful to safeguard the interests of the firm and avoid conflict. They are beneficial to ensure that each of the involved members put in all their efforts to the firm, and does not get sidetracked by other undertakings.

Minority shareholder protection

It also provides a shield for minority shareholders by preserving specific decisions for the agreed consensus of all the shareholders.

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Managing expectation

Another benefit of this agreement document is to manage the expectations of the shareholders. It should contain all the necessary information to deal with different issues, as well as make provisions to discuss with the others on the board on the various possible scenarios that could arise.

This enables the signatories to talk about and approve several different policies at the beginning when bonds between the investors are positive. There is a greater chance that a realistic solution will take place, and there are higher chances that the company’s shareholders will work cordially for the accomplishment of the company in the future.

Transfer of Shares

It provides restrictions on the ability to transfer shares. It supplements the right of a shareholder and enables him to curb the free clearance of shareholdings, in order to prevent a situation where they become co-shareholders with any unsuited party.

‘Drag along’ right is in the interest of the majority shareholders, where they can sell their shares to any external purchaser, and they would drag along the minority shareholders into the sale. ‘Tag’ right is useful for the minority shareholder where a minority member can ‘tag along’ on similar terms, when majority of shareholders want to sell their stocks.


It also offers protection to the investors by equipping them with the power of veto rights on the specific type of business decisions.

Minority shareholders can protect the rights of the investors by borrowing or modifying the type of business that can’t be accepted without the agreement of a specified member. In this way, it safeguards the position of the shareholder.

Corporate Governance

Another way, by which this document offers protection, is by providing the power to the shareholder to appoint a director to the board of directors.

The agreement can state that regular board meetings should be undertaken and provide reasonable notice to directors. Additional information rights can be granted, which includes the right to obtain business plans from the board.

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So, we have learned about the significance of Shareholder Agreements for Start Up firms at the time of registering a firm in Ireland. Get the assistance of a reputed company formation and compliance specialist firm to get a proper document drafted as per the specific needs of your company.