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Email List Management Best Practices

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There are lots of ways to create a list of valid customer email addresses. But will your email marketing campaign be effective?

It’s necessary to spend a lot of time working on a letter. An interesting topic is important. If a client is not interested in it, he most probably will not open the letter or will send it to the spam folder. It is worth checking how the message looks on different devices. If you add pictures to your letter, but they are not displayed or they cover the text when viewed from a phone, your campaign will be ineffective for those receivers who use mobile gadgets.

If you want customers who have not opened letters for a long time to stop receiving letters, it is necessary to edit the database from time to time. If a client isn’t interested in letters anymore, his email should be added to the list of inactive addresses. This can be done with the email lists manager. To regain user’s interest, it is worth considering creating a new campaign. A potential buyer can be offered:

  • discounts;
  • participation in promotions;
  • free participation in various programs;
  • free shipping, etc.

The strategy can work for first-time customers as well. You may not be sure of their interest in the company and additional bonuses will keep the interaction alive.

Segment your leads

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Segmentation of leads with a special software for mailing list management is an important part of any marketing campaign. After collecting information about potential users, it will not take long to divide the received addresses into groups. Don’t forget that each lead should contain detailed information. Otherwise, after a few months, you may forget what a particular user needs and start offering him unnecessary products.

Buyers can subscribe to the newsletter themselves. They can be segmented by name, time of registration, native language, place of residence, and so on. If you are going to send emails to customers who have performed targeted actions, the list will be different. Here you can divide users by time of purchase or transition to a specific page. You can filter out users who have not received your emails so far and create a separate campaign for them.

If you want to manage a mailing list easily, it’s better use certain settings. Working with separate parts of the segments of each list removes the necessity to create too many lists. But if you work with several brands or different projects, creating different lists will help you in promotion. For example, you cannot re-add a user to the already created list, if his email is already in the database. And if you have added a client to different lists according to different criteria, he can unsubscribe from one mailing list but continue to receive letters of different content. This often irritates users, which is why they won’t be ready to cooperate with the company in the future.

It is worth checking the database for corporate addresses. It is unlikely that customers who register on the site for work needs will want to receive any newsletters. They can complain about emails and send them to spam.

Remove duplicate emails

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It often happens that one address is added into several subscribers lists. This could be due to system failures or the user’s subscription to different types of news. Regardless of the reason, there should be no duplicate addresses in your customer base. The email list management software checks the complete list of addresses in a short time and removes identical ones. This will save you from sending out repetitive emails that annoy customers.

So-called disposable electronic addresses are removed, too. People use them for registration and don’t use after that. As a result, mails will not be read, and it is inexpedient to waste resources on mailing to such addresses.

Handle suspicious emails

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There should be no non-existent addresses in the database. An advertising campaign aimed at sending letters to existing addresses will not bring results. It is better if your list contains several dozen correct addresses than a lot of invalid boxes. The use of the special program for mailing list management will make it easier to find incorrect data, after which they will be deleted.

Spam traps can also be included in the list of suspicious addresses. If you send a newsletter to such an address, the letter will automatically end up in spam. This will lead to a decline in brand reputation. Search engines will be less likely to show your company in search results. And if letters are found in spam too often, then most probably they will end up in the spam folder of a client interested in your services. You should carefully check each address in the database.

Recover and fix broken mails

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During registration, users may enter incorrect email:

  • put extra spaces;
  • forget about the dot in the domain name;
  • not provide a top-level domain (.com, .ru, and so on).

To prevent such addresses from affecting the quality of a mailing list, they must be corrected. The online mailing list manager can extract invalid addresses and compare them with the most popular domains. After that, each email address will be corrected, and letters will arrive to clients at the chosen time.

Get visibility of domains’ health

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The mailing list generator contains a list of addresses of different levels. To facilitate registration of new customers, you can add domains of the first or second level and edit existing data. When checking the list of addresses, the program will compare the specified emails with those whose domain addresses are already known. If any domain is specified incorrectly or doesn’t exist, such emails will be deleted.

Adding new domain names will expand the list of contacts and prevent the program from deleting new addresses created with an unusual domain name.

Final words

Don’t send emails to users simply because they went to your company’s website. Customers should be interested in working with the brand. Also, don’t forget about the feature of unsubscribing from a newsletter manually; in this case you can understand who is not interested in receiving your letters. Users who unsubscribed on their own can always restore their subscription and continue to receive emails with the latest information about your brand or promotions.

The mailing list manager freeware allows to process lists of email addresses, regardless of the amount of information in the database. It can be either a small list of dozens addresses, or a database of several hundred contacts. To find out more information about the mail list manager, go to https://www.atompark.com/email-list-manager/.