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Where to Buy Custom Enamel Pins

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If you are even slightly familiar with the world of marketing, especially the guerilla methods, chances are that you’ve heard about enamel pins at least once before. If not, there’s still nothing to worry about, we’re here to explain everything. Today we’re talking about enamel pins in general, what makes them so special when it comes to marketing and promoting, what’s the difference between them and the regular pins, and last but not least, where you can purchase them. Without any further ado, here’s what you need to know.

What are pins? When did they first appear?

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Enamel Pins, or some people might know them under the name of “Lapel Pins”, are small pins that are worn on clothing, often on the lapel of the jacket, but many other examples can be seen such as wearing them on a backpack, a bag or anywhere else. They first appeared somewhere in the early 1960’s and they’ve always served as some kind of a “rebel” sign in many different cultures. Up to this day they are heavily used in the world of music, and at any festival you can see a person wearing a couple of pins with the names of their favorite bands. However, they have a more professional use as well.

Using enamel pins for a more professional cause

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If you’ve ever been at a restaurant or a café, chances are that you’ve seen one of the employees wearing a pin on their shirt with something that indicates that they work there. Or, you can see the manager with a “manager” labeled on the pin and attached to their suit or shirt. That’s one of the examples where enamel pins can be used for a professional cause, but not the most popular one. The most popular one is for marketing, and this is how it works.

Whenever a person is offered a free item, they will accept it in about ninety percent of the cases. Well, corporations and larger businesses already know about this, so they used enamel pins in order to boost their recognition and exposure. You can often see an employee of a certain corporation stand out on the open and hand out enamel pins to people passing by. Maybe not everyone, but at least half of those people will wear the enamel pin if the design is good, and that’s basically free marketing for the brand. Enamel pins are definitely useful, and if you want to see where you can purchase them for a great price, feel free to visit www.enamelpins.com

Shape and Size

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Enamel pins are quite different than the regular pins that you’ve seen before, such as the button pins, and the main different is the shape. Enamel pins come in many different and unique shapes and sizes, while button pins come in just one, and that’s usually a circular form. Depending on what you’re trying to promote, enamels usually take that shape and they have really interesting designs. For example, if you’re making pins for your recently opened coffee business, the pin should probably be in the form of a coffee cup or something like that. You can choose whatever you want and as long as it looks good people will be satisfied with them.

Design and Customization Options

Variety in Design

Enamel pins, including metal pins, offer a wide array of design possibilities, enabling brands and individuals to create unique and eye-catching pieces. These pins are not confined to standard shapes or sizes, allowing for creative freedom in design. Whether it’s a logo, a character, or an abstract concept, the design possibilities are nearly limitless. This flexibility is what makes enamel pins, particularly those crafted from metal, an attractive option for those looking to make a statement or promote their brand in a distinctive way.

Customization Capabilities

Customization is a key aspect of enamel pin production. You have the ability to select not just the shape and size, but also colors, finishes, and materials. This level of customization ensures that each pin can be tailored to perfectly represent the brand or message intended. The process typically involves collaborating with a manufacturer who can guide you through the design options, helping to translate your ideas into a tangible, wearable piece of art.