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4 Ways to Share Videos Online

Video Sharing on the internet you can find videos of everything from wedding dances to babies learning to crawl. One of the greatest features of the internet and new technology is having the ability to share these videos with loved ones who are long distance. As opposed to the past, we can take a video and upload it almost instantly to an online platform to share videos, and even decide whether we want them to be public or private. Here’s five of the best ways to share videos online and why they’re so popular.

1. Facebook

Source: Time Magazine

Facebook is among the most popular social media platform and one of the most popular places to share pictures and videos with friends and family. Because of its features that can keep videos private to certain people or upload them as public for the world to see, Facebook is everyone’s go-to social platform for sharing content with others. Facebook also have an inbox feature which allows you to send a video directly to a person if it’s ultra-private or you don’t wish for others to see the video. If you would like to download a video from Facebook, you could use a platform like vidconverter.co that lets you get the video on the post from the page.

2. YouTube

Source: TechCrunch

YouTube offers tons of options for people looking to upload and share videos. Whether you want the video posted as public, unlisted or private, you have the option for all three. When you post publicly, anyone can search for and view the video. To get more exposure on YouTube you can buy YouTube views from this trusted link. Unlisted videos can only be viewed by people who have the link to the video. Finally, private videos are only available to specific YouTube users which you can choose at your own discretion.

3. Twitter

Source: The Verge

Twitter is the ultimate platform for short, 140 character snippets of news or to comment on something going on in the world. Twitter, like Facebook, is a quick way to send out a video to the general public or through a private inbox message that reaches out to one other person.

For example, if there’s a family member or friend you’re dying to show a video to, all you need to do is inbox them with a short snippet of what it is and send. This eliminates the hassle of writing a long description of something to get people’s attention because you have to be brief and direct when using Twitter. If you’re hoping to get as many viewers from your video as possible, using trending hashtags will allow you to reach hundreds of people outside of the people who already follow you.

4. Vimeo

Source: Videomaker

Vimeo, similar to YouTube, is a free online video hosting service. Vimeo allows for private and public video sharing, depending on your preference. Private videos require passwords to access. This is becoming more and more popular because of the lack of bandwidth restrictions and the ability to upload videos with an unlimited length.


Whether you want to share with a few close people or you’re looking to publicize your video to the world, there are plenty of online sharing tools for your needs. Do your research and figure out which option works best for you and you’ll be sharing videos in no time at all!