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6 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Cannabis is becoming destigmatized and popular as it continues to become legalized in a greater number of countries around the world. For people new to cannabis, it can be overwhelming, and taking the time to learn about it is extremely interesting. For those who aren’t familiar with it and are starting to become interested in learning, there are plenty of resources you can find. The best place to start is to learn more about understanding the differences between CBD and THC for health reasons. They are the two most important compounds that cannabis has and is used for.

When both compounds are consumed they can have different effects on your body’s endocannabinoid system. The easiest way to differentiate CBD and THC is that THC contains the psychoactive properties typically associated with marijuana. While THC is known for giving you the sensation of being “high”, CBD releases neurotransmitters in your brain that relay messages to the parts in your body that play a role in sleep, immune function, and feelings of stress and pain, just to name a few. It does all of this without any psychoactive effects.

Both THC and CBD have the same molecular structure, but there’s just a very small difference in how they are arranged. This is why they can offer different effects. There is amazing potential for it to help with medical issues that can be relieved or managed by using cannabis. There are many kinds of medical and recreational products so read more about the difference before purchasing any.

Over the last few decades, we’ve learned more about this incredible plant and have harnessed the power of its properties to create many different types of products for recreational and medicinal use. The majority of people are familiar with smoking cannabis in order to feel the effects, but in the past decade or so it has become popular to consume it in a myriad of other ways.

Legalization is becoming more common around the world, and more people are discovering new and inventive ways to be part of this rapidly growing industry. People can choose from a wide variety of flowers, edibles, drinks, waxes, tinctures, oils and many other products to help aid them in beauty or health wellness. There is very likely a product out there that you could find helpful in your life. Learn about some of these many different ways that you can consume cannabis for your unique needs.

1. Smoking

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The most popular and common way that people have consumed cannabis throughout history has been through smoking and inhaling. This method is very effective at getting the compounds into your bloodstream quickly, but it’s also not great for your lungs and overall health if you are consuming it often and for a long time. This is one of the biggest reasons that people have created other ways to consume this incredible plant. VSyndicate  has some awesome accessories for those who want to smoke their cannabis.

2. Vaping

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While vaping is technically a form of smoking, there is a lot to consider when it comes to the purity of the substance you’re smoking. According to thehempdoctor.com, certain waxes and shatters like Delta-8 should come from high quality and reputable sources to ensure it’s as pure as possible.

3. Edibles

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An easy and healthy way to consume cannabis is through edibles. Many people have experimented with recipes that taste amazing and give you the desired effects quickly. When eating cannabis, it can feel a lot different than when you smoke it, so you should always start small and wait at least an hour before trying to consume more. Every person’s body is different and reacts in a different way, so it’s hard to say exactly how you’ll feel afterwards. A great way is to make your own so you know what’s going into them.

4. Drinkables

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The method for creating cannabis beverages is similar to edible cannabis products. They are infused with different levels of potency, strains and flavors for different desired effects. The best part of consuming cannabis this way is it’s very flavourful. Infused waters, juices, teas or even alcohol can be found to quench your cannabis thirst.

5. Sublingually

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The Latin word sublingual translates to “under the tongue” and that is a historical way in pharmacology to administer medicine. Doctors discovered that the soft tissues under our tongues are able to absorb things more quickly due to our saliva. This method works best if you want quick results. The several benefits of CBD can be found with only just a few drops of oil, learn more about them and how they can help you. Just a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue allows it to enter your system quickly. What makes this one of the most effective methods is that the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream really fast.  Similar to taking it sublingually, this article discusses how CBD capsule softgels can be added to your daily health regime for the same effects.

6. Topically

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There are numerous creams and oils infused with CBD on the market that can help alleviate pain in a few ways.  Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis it can be used with other natural ingredients like lemon balm, peppermint or lavender to aid in relief and relaxation. It can really help provide relief for discomfort from various ailments like headaches or sore muscles.

When you think about it, it’s quite incredible that natural properties from a plant can be so powerful in helping aid our bodies and minds. While there is still much more research to be done in this area, we can’t deny the beneficial effects we’ve experienced. The proof is in the oil, cannabis is now being legalized in more places because of the proven effects it has. There’s plenty of reasons why an increasing number of CBD products are coming to the market, and you can click here to learn more about them. Thankfully, the stigma of using cannabis is drifting away from common negative stereotypes as more people understand the medicinal properties of the plant.