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9 Benefits of a Veranda in Your Garden

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We only know the importance of something when it is no longer with us. Verandas have always been a part of our homes and that’s why we got tired of them. But it was only until we got into the habit of living in the apartment buildings that we got to know their value. Therefore, they are more popular now than they were in the previous decades.

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But wait,

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And if you believe that a veranda requires high maintenance or you cannot handle it, here are some benefits. They will let you know the importance of having a veranda in your home.

1. You will have extended living space

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You get limited space for every room in your house. So if you have a veranda, you will get a somewhat extended living space. Thus, there will be more space to accommodate your guests. Furthermore, you can have to get together without worrying about congestion. So you will have an extra space that you can enjoy for a whole year and not just for certain times.

In addition to this, you can keep it covered with glass walls and ceiling to make it look attractive. This will let you enjoy all the seasons. You can enjoy your hot coffee while enjoying the rain without getting wet. Likewise, you can add fairy lights to enjoy the night view. Furthermore, you can also get a heater for your space and can enjoy the cold winter nights without feeling too cold.

2. Shelter from the weather

If you choose glass walls and ceiling, you will be able to enjoy all the seasons without going out. Thus, it shelters you from different weather conditions. If you like looking outside your window, this will be a bigger window.

During the rainy season, you won’t need to grab an umbrella to enjoy the beauty of rain. Furthermore, you can call your friends over to your place and have a good time with them.

3. Increases your property value

If you tend to pay attention to your property value, this is a good thing for that too. Although certain features decrease the property value but not verandas. They will add value to your home. Firstly, it is offering more covered space. Secondly, the whole equipment also costs money. So if you have a veranda in your home, it means more people will be attracted to it.

Furthermore, you will be able to target a specific group of people. The people who are interested in getting it. Therefore, they will be willing to pay some extra amount only to get their hands on the house. Thus, it will bring you market benefits.

4. Clean floor and car

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Even if you do not use walls, the veranda itself is enough to protect your home from external damage. You will need to walk through it to get inside. Therefore, if you are coming home after getting your shoes dirty, you won’t directly step on your floor or carpet. Thus, you will have someplace to change your shoes into cleaner ones.

5. Space for exercise

You won’t need to spend your time inside when there is good weather. However, you cannot go outside too because there will be too many people. So if you want to enjoy the beautiful weather alone, this will be the best place. You can get some fresh air while sitting there. Or you can do your exercise early in the morning.

Air quality is usually the best in the morning. So if you are usually busy and cannot go outside to do exercise, you will have this personal space for yourself. Enjoy your exercise in the cleaner and fresher morning air.

6. Protection from UV rays

Another great benefit of having a veranda is that you do not get direct exposure to sunlight. The roof of verandas is insulated and offers UV protection. Thus, your windows won’t directly come in contact with the harmful UV rays. The roof of your verandas will offer extended shade to your doors and windows.

Therefore, not only sunlight but you will also get protection from the rain. This will be helpful for you because your doors and windows won’t get weather damage. So you will be spending less amount on regular maintenance.

7. Enjoy beautiful nights

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Summer nights are beautiful. You get to enjoy the stars and a peaceful time with a cool breeze. So if you have a veranda, you will be able to sit there and enjoy a peaceful time with your loved ones. You will have your personal space and romantic nights. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful nights there.

8. Enjoy bird watching

A lot of people have a habit of bird watching. It is indeed something worth enjoying. However, going to parks is not easy for everyone. You will need to make time to go there and free your schedule. However, this is not the case if you have your own place to do so. You can go and sit on your veranda whenever you have time and enjoy bird watching.

9. Additional home storage space

The additional space that you get to enjoy depends on the design of your veranda. You can get one with the extended roof or with one or two side walls. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a completely open space.

However, whichever design you choose, you will have extra space to store your things temporarily. So if you need to discard things but do not have time to store them. You can keep them on the veranda and take them together while going out.