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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The term vaginal rejuvenation covers a few different surgical or nonsurgical methods and procedures that women perform, so they can improve the way their vagina looks. Sometimes, it has correctional purposes, so some anomalies can be fixed, and the girl or woman won’t have any problem going to the toilet or have sexual intercourse with her partner.

Also, some women are doing that for aesthetic reasons, because they don’t like their feminine parts, and think that with some of these methods, they can correct the looks, and increase their self-confidence when it comes to the color, size, and shape of their intimate body area. As you can see on nazarianplasticsurgery.com, most of their clients who are choosing vaginal rejuvenation, are looking for so-called catalog looks, as we can see in the adult movies or erotic magazines.

Rejuvenation in the correctional and aesthetic medicine is a method used to make the face or body, or separate body parts, appear younger than the actual age or natural look.

Not every woman is blessed with equal labia, and sometimes they think they aren’t attractive enough if the color is darker than usual, or their feminine parts have some specific physical appearance, that they may find disturbing or harmful for their libido.

Even though most of the time women are under pressure from popular culture, magazines, and many other media influences, and they are aware of that, they are anyway choosing this procedure to make their genitalia look younger and attractive. There are a few types of vaginal rejuvenation, and these are some of them:

1. Vaginoplasty

Source: Plastic Surgery in Turkey

This is a surgical method that is used to make the vaginal canal tighter or wider, depending on the particular problem the patient may have. It can be performed through the traditional way by using instruments and sections, or with a laser, with smaller and almost invisible wounds.

Usually, the surgery lasts 60-90 minutes, since this body area is small, and the surgeons don’t need to make big interventions so they can improve the muscle contractions and reduce the friction during sex.

2. Labiaplasty

Source: Levin’s Women’s Health

This is another one surgical method for reconstruction and reshaping of the smaller and larger vaginal “lips”, and usually it has aesthetic purposes. Some women have an irregular shape, or they just want their feminine parts to look different than they naturally are.

For example, those with larger labia may have problems while wearing tight clothes or swimsuits, so the intervention is needed. In most cases, the recovery process is pretty quick, and they can go back to their everyday activities within a week. When it comes to sexual intercourse, after labiaplasty, the patient may need to wait up to two months until fully recovered.

3. Nonsurgical methods

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These treatments are targeting skin rejuvenation and tissue renewing due to increasing the levels of collagen. Sometimes they may include traditional medicine and alternative treatments, without sections and incisions, usually followed by using cosmetic products or putting fillers in the labia, so they can be equal in size, and the same in shape.

Nonsurgical rejuvenation can also cover a wide range of vaginal baths, and non-invasive treatments, and massages or stimulations, so it can reshape naturally. Usually, one treatment lasts 15-30 minutes, but the main disadvantage is that the result is not permanent, and the patient may need to repeat the intervention after a few months or years.

Source: Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgeon

Why do women decide to undergo this procedure?

There are many reasons behind this decision, and aesthetic purposes and improving the sexual life are most common between the women who already did it or plan to go to vaginal rejuvenation. Also, some medical conditions can be successfully treated thanks to it, including urinary incontinence, painful sexual activity, or dryness. The procedure is so common, it became pretty normal between the women who are not confident with the way their genitals appear.

Today, you can choose the look you prefer from a catalog and get the result you want in a few hours, and a few weeks of recovery. Often, these interventions can also solve the problem with sexual discomfort, especially when it’s caused by the size or excess skin around the genitalia. Some women don’t like their clitoris, so they can also reshape it with a little help from a cosmetic surgeon.

Source: Karol Gutowski, MD, FACS

Risks and possible side effects

Just like every other medical treatment, this one can also cause some side effects and brings a few risks related to the general health condition. First, every surgery is risky, but this one should be performed in a trusted clinic, by a professional and certified surgeon. The procedure by itself is also complicated, because the bladder and pelvic organs are pretty close, and just a minor mistake and wrong move can cause harm.

But sometimes patients are too demanding with their requirements, which may lead to a satisfying look, but too tight canal, that may later cause painful intercourse, or even bleeding like that when the first sex happens.

Before you make your final decision, you need to meet at least once with the specialist, so they can explain all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. They will also run some examinations, and blood tests, so you both can know if you are eligible for this type of intervention, because you need to be completely healthy, so you can handle the anesthesia and all the medicines you need to take to cope with the potential pain after the procedure.

Sometimes, these treatments may also cause itchy skin in the vaginal area, until you are completely recovered. Rarely, some allergic reactions may occur, due to meds, or cosmetic products applied over the area for the non-invasive procedures.

Source: Orna Fisher, MD


Vaginal rejuvenation is a popular procedure that many women choose to improve the way their genitalia looks. Sometimes, it can be a result of some health issue that stops the woman from getting sexual pleasure, because her shape or other physical characteristics are not suitable for that purpose. But, if you decide to undergo this surgery, you always need to look for certified clinics and trustworthy doctors, that guarantee good results.