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5 Unorthodox Online Bingo Strategies That Actually Work

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If you have ever played bingo, you know how exciting it could be. Instead of choosing to play offline, many players are switching to online bingo platforms, and they are having just as much fun. Instead of standing in line and then waiting for other people, you can simply log in online and start playing.

But there is little fun in playing online if you cannot taste the victory. When you sit down for a good game on smartbingoguide.com, you should have a winning strategy in mind which will help you win. Let us help you with some of our tips.

Play When the Timing is Right

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One might argue that the timing does not matter much while playing bingo. Wrong! You might not have a lot of say in the traffic that is playing bingo along with you when you are playing offline. But when you are online, you have a fair chance of tipping the odds in your favor. You can check before logging in if the number of people bingo is increasing or holding steady.

Typically, higher traffic means more people to compete with. By a simple case of probability, you can see that your chances of winning are less when more people participate along with you. When the traffic is slower, there are fewer people logged in, so you will have a better chance of winning. You can choose to play in the middle of the day, late at night, or in the middle of the week instead of on weekends to increase your chances of winning.

Budget Maintenance and Smart Buying

We are not here to give you tips on how much money you should invest in online bingo. However, having a set budget will help you make wiser decisions when it comes to playing on a weekly or a monthly basis. You can choose when you spend the balance and on how many tickets depending on the traffic and your performance.

Depending on your budget, you can choose to sit for multiple rounds with one card each or at a few rounds with multiple cards. It is a simple matter of probability. Slower traffic will lessen your competition, and more cards will increase the chances of you actually being in possession of the winning card. Being strategically prepared for it in terms of finance thus becomes important.

Remove Distractions to Improve Focus

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Each player who knows the game is aware that certain factors are capable of influencing the outcome. It is better to boost your chances by first choosing a game in which you feel the most comfortable. Secondly, you should make sure that throughout the duration of the game, you are focused on the game and your approach towards it.

Being well prepared will take your mind off other things you need to do. Keep water and snacks at hand, and use the bathroom before the game begins so that you do not need to leave the game in the middle. Choosing a time when you are absolutely free will be the best way to start.

Learn From the Experts

Being prepared for a game you are interested in playing does not have to be an overwhelming experience. You can choose to join online groups and communities where bingo players share their experiences and strategies. There is so much to learn from real people who have achieved success in the game and know tips and tricks that can prove beneficial to you.

Learning from the experts does not have to be restricted to the online communities of players. You can also read up articles outlining strategies and tricks. Create a Bingo journal and keep all your strategy and learning safe in one place, ready for consultation when you need it.

Familiarize Yourself with Mainstream Strategies

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Learning Bingo strategies is important because you should not ever underestimate your competition. When you are playing online, you do not know who you are competing with. And if you go in unprepared, you might lose a game you would otherwise have won. Many strategies bank on vigilance and quick thinking, so the more familiar you are with them, the more the advantage you can take from it.

The Tippett Strategy

This is a strategy that will help you understand how the algorithm works and how to best use it for an easy win. The approach with this strategy will vary on whether you are playing a longer game or a short one. So, shorter games include numbers that are closer to the extreme, like 1 or 75.

On the other hand, longer games have more chances, with numbers around 38 being called. Given your choice to buy multiple cards, you will be better covered if you have a card with the respective numbers based on the duration of the game.

The Granville Strategy

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While the tippet strategy is the most popular bingo strategy, the Granville strategy requires a closer look. With the help of this strategy, you will be able to figure out the best cards for any game. The distribution of numbers on the card should be such that numbers from different categories are present in an equal amount.

For example, the number of odd and even numbers should be somewhat balanced. Both high and low numbers should be present. It gives the user a fair chance of winning in the event of a diverse variety of numbers being pulled.

The Takeaway

Playing with a game plan is all well and good, but you should not forget the most important rule: have fun! Playing with a relaxed mind will help you take less pressure and play with a more focused mind. The more you familiarize yourself with the game, the better you will be able to cope with the stress that comes with the game. Keep in mind that bingo is a game of chance as much as it is a game of strategy and you are all set.