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7 Tips for Travelling Through South America’s Amazon River

The Amazon River which spans through several South American countries is considered one of the longest rivers in the world. It is also home to a myriad of flora and fauna, which makes it a paradise for nature lovers everywhere. However, as beautiful as it is, the Amazon river is also one of the most dangerous and unpredictable environments in the world. So if you are thinking of travelling through the Amazon River, you should be as prepared as possible. Here are 7 Essentials tips for travelling through South America’s Amazon River:

1. Hire a Trustworthy Guide

Amazon is the largest jungle in the world, and it is very easy to get lost in them. So it is imperative that you hire a trustworthy guide to lead you through your journey. It is best that you hire a native of the area as a guide. They know the area better than anyone because they have lived there for most of their lives. You should also make sure that the guides can be trusted not to lead you astray or steal your supplies. Although you should not be too suspicious of people, it is a good policy to be on guard when you’re moving through some of the most dangerous places in the world.

2. Pack All the Essentials

Remember that the Amazon river is very far away from civilization. It could be hundreds of miles away from the nearest town or hospital. So if you get injured you will only have yourself and your group to turn to. So you should make sure that you pack all the essential supplies with you.

Your first aid kit should not only contain the usual bandages and disinfectants but antibiotics and ant-venom as well. Remember that the Amazon jungle is full of poisonous snakes, insects and lizards so it is best that you are as prepared as possible.

As for your supplies, you should make sure to bring a good amount of canned and dried food. Although the guide may offer you some food, however, your stomach may not be able to handle it, and it would be very difficult for you to have a stomach ache in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

3. Bring a Lot of Insect Repellant

The Amazon Jungle is known for its colonies of insects, and they can be carriers of all sorts of diseases. So you should make it a priority to carry as much insect repellent as possible. You could bring an anti-mosquito repellant or a spray. It can be difficult to lug around cans of insect repellent, but you’ll be thankful to have them when the mosquitos are swarming all over you.

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4. Accustom Yourself to the Flora and Fauna

The Amazon jungle is home to various types of plants and animals, and most of them are very dangerous. So you should make sure that you accustomed yourself to them. Remember that the plants and animals in the amazon jungle have developed certain defenses against predators.

Some animals such as the poison dart frog are very poisonous, and their skins secrete poison. This is why most predators learn to stay away from them. The same can be said for the strychnos plant, because their juice is used by the natives to coat their arrows.

Overall, if you are going to traipse through the Amazon jungle, you should make sure that you do your research on all its flora and fauna.

5. Make Sure Your Boat Is Well-Maintained

If you want to travel through the Amazon river as safely as possible, you will need to go by boat. However, the Amazon river is very unpredictable, and your boat can collide with rocks and other debris. So you should make sure that you maintain your boat, and keep it as safe as possible.

If you’re going to hire a boat for your river journey, you should make sure that the boat is well-maintained, and that it has the right accessories to make your river journey as easy and safe as possible.

It is advisable that your boat has a floating jetty. This is a floating structure that will allow you and your group to disembark from the boat without having to wade through the marshes. If you want to purchase your own floating jetty, Hieseadock is a great company that offers various types of floating jetty. Their products are durable, easy to construct and affordable.

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6. Respect the Natives

If you are going to visit the Amazon rainforest, you should make sure that you respect the natives. Remember that their people have lived in the rainforest for generations, and they have their own traditions and set territories.

So you should be on your best behaviour when you go through their lands. If they give you food, you should accept it. To refuse would be an insult, and they may think twice in helping you in the future. It is also a good idea to bring gifts of food and medicine to the natives. Amazon natives don’t have access to modern medicine, and your gifts could really save some of their lives.

7. Bring a Good Quality Camera

Despite the many dangers of the Amazon Jungle, it is also a very beautiful place. It is brimming with life, and there are so many animals and plants that are worth seeing. So you should make sure that you bring a good quality camera with you. This will allow you to preserve these beautiful sights, and share them with your family and friends.

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The Amazon River is by far one of the most diverse environments when it comes to flora and fauna. However, it’s dense jungles and wide rivers make it very difficult to travel through. So if you are thinking of visiting the Amazon river, you should be as prepared as possible. By following these tips, you’ll have essential knowledge on how to navigate and traverse the beautiful expanse of the Amazon River.