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Top 5 Reasons Your Not Going To Have A One Night Stand In Atlanta






1. Women are “looking for love in all the wrong places” or as Eddie Murphy would say “Wookin’ Pa Nub”. Single se*y women in Atlanta struggle with finding a compatible soul mate in the city. So if your a aggressive male trying to hit a grand slam on the 1st night that’s more then likely not going to happen (unless your rich or famous).






2. The bar is raised high. What do I mean by that you ask, blowing $2,000 on a vip section and liqueur doesn’t even guarantee that she is coming home with you. That same girl your grabbing asking if she wants a $10 drink has probably had her rent,car note or bill paid by some one who attempted to get her number like you already. Hearing stories like a PYT in the mall getting 5k to go shopping from a guy she just meet makes you not even wanna go that route.








3. Her treasure chest. Some girls will deny they have toys and some will tell you how many times they use it a day. You meet at girl and ask her “How long you been single for?” and she says over a year.. your first thought is she probably lonely and backed up. Nah!! She has twitter and her treasure chest of toys waiting for her after the club to put her asleep..why does she need you for?









4. You are going at the wrong women. Tourists come to Atlanta to party and have a good time by the thousands, so why are you putting your energy into some one who lives in Atlanta? Women in Atlanta become professionals after partying for a year so they can spot your thirsty ass a mile away. Your best bet is hooking up with some one from out of town trying to get wild for the night.


5. Atlanta is the gay capital of the US. Many women in Atlanta have a story they heard about DL dudes that make them extremely picky. So with that said they want at least two dates to examine you with their gaydar gla@$$@.


Did I miss anything?