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7 Tips for Collectors Buying Art Abroad

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People love art for many known and unknown reasons. Some try to enjoy it to the fullest staying at home, some are passionate gallery-goers, and some even start their own art collections. If you are an art collector too, you know that the most efficient way to surround yourself with quality art is to buy original pieces. It is a sheer and sublime pleasure to have a couple of matchless paintings or full-sized sculptures at your place. By a twist of fate, the closest to your heart works are often at the farthest distance from you. It is no wonder that buying artworks abroad has recently become more and more common. That sounds a bit complicated, right? Not always, actually.

While it is widely assumed that buying, selling, and shipping art abroad is a complete headache, the reality is much brighter than it comes at first. With the elaborate system on hand, everyone interested can buy an artwork and have it delivered to them after a while. If you are still skeptical or unsure about buying art abroad, here are 7 ultimate tips that will help you buy art abroad and have the best imaginable experience at the end of the day.

Tips for collectors who are going to buy art abroad

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1. Set your budget

Whenever it comes to international purchase and shipping, you better think long-term. Setting a budget is more an unofficial rule than an official one, but do not underestimate it. Buying art is a costly thing, and it is recommended that you have the extra money in case of force majeure. Consider sparing money for this so you won’t happen to be on a knife-edge when the time comes.

2. Ask questions

The very first official stage in buying art abroad starts with your research. Learn about the desired piece as much as you can. Contact the buyer beforehand and ask questions. The more you know, the more chances you have to buy something really worthy. Also, keep in mind that if you are developing a comprehensive and structurally complex collection, it will take a ton more time to find an appropriate dealer or gallery that features works you need. The same is with unique and rare works that are hard to find. In some cases, you may even need the help of professional art advisors and art experts who have certain contacts in the business and can help you find the piece you need.

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3. Focus on trustworthy sellers

Time to switch our attention primarily to the galleries, dealers, and artists selling their works abroad. It pays to know that there are lots of swindlers in our time, waiting for the smallest chance to deceive you. Before you begin cooperating with the seller, try to dig into their past experience and see whether they have what you really need. Only when you are 100% sure about the seller’s credibility, can you start picking and analyzing works they offer.

4. Hire professional fine art shippers

The first part of buying art abroad is behind, and now we move to the technical part of the quest. When you are sure of your choice, the first thing that should pop up in your mind is shipping your piece from abroad. The question of international art shipping services is incredibly important. So, if you want to save your money, time, and nerves, then the right call would be hiring professional fine art shippers.

According to Fine Art Shippers, a NYC-based fine art shipping company, hiring professionals is a must in this case. Only in such a case, you may expect high-quality services and complete safety of your belongings. The international transportation of art is not like the standard delivery of goods. It requires specific knowledge, experience, and skills. That is the reason why only seasoned art shippers can handle this task successfully.

5. Choose wisely

Every professional art shipping company always provides clients with two international transportation options, shipping by air and shipping by sea. These two variants tremendously differ in a couple of aspects. First, it is an enormous shift in a price. Second, time is also a big deal in this scenario. When all is said and done, you will have a choice: a more expensive but swift delivery by air and a cheap yet sluggish delivery by sea. Depending on your preferences and finances, choose what suits you the most.

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6. Make insurance your ‘Plan B’

Insurance is one of the guarantees that you will get compensation for the loss or damage of your items. Even though various emergencies do happen, they are quite rare to be the pattern. Nevertheless, insurance comes across as a reliable practice that has already proven to be an effective tool for millions of people. Here, you will need to reach out to companies that provide international insurance for fine art. If you face some problematic questions regarding insurance, it is better to contact a lawyer or insurance agent for further instructions.

7. Don’t forget about taxes

Taxes are the trickiest part of all of these tips. The central idea here is that there is no one rule-governed system for all countries. Instead, you need to check whether the two countries are tax-free every single time. The rule implies that you should always identify your acquisitions as works of art. In the worst case, your painting or sculpture can be identified as something else and, as a result, will be taxed. Different countries have different customs of taxation. Keep it in mind to avoid money-losing and uncomfortable situations when buying art abroad. For those of you in the United States, you can use TurboTax Live to get online access to a certified tax expert from the comfort of your home in Washington DC, Dallas, San Francisco, or anywhere else in the country.

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Use these simple tips to buy abroad any artwork that appeals to you without turmoil. Buying art should not be any way complicated or perplexing. The world of art is at your feet, and only you decide how to use the possibilities given to you. Knowing the nuances and peculiarities of the process, buying and selling things abroad won’t be a problem any longer. Have a nice shopping time!