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5 Things To Know About Cricket Before You place Your First Bet

Online sports betting has become a routine for most of us at this point, especially due to COVID-19. Nowadays, we can’t watch an actual game, which is why a lot of people place their bets and enjoy watching the cricket game online, on their computers, phones, laptops, or on a big screen. Cricket is huge in India, and it is an interesting sport for players who understand all the rules. Before you start playing and before you make your bets, it is vital to understand some important tips and tricks, such as the following 5!

5 Things To Know About Cricket Before You Place Your First Bet

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1. There are some cricket betting tips

Your betting experience can be enjoyable and pleasurable, only if you know the basics. That is why at Cricketbetonline.in you can learn all about cricket rules, as well as browse through their betting tips, odds, as well as some of the best betting sites! Cricket betting can be easy, as long as you understand that there are:

  • Basic cricket bets
  • Cricket team bets
  • Tournament predictions
  • ICG cricket world cup & trophy
  • Indian premier league
  • Commonwealth bank series

2. You should analyze ratings and rankings

If you are a strategical and logical person you will enjoy this part of the task. Analyze and be aware of your betting options, rankings, as well as ratings. Cricket teams should have allotted ratings. This number will show you how many played matches they had, as well as how they rank their team. In the end, this statistic will tell you if it is possible to make some money or not.

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3. It is vital to check out the weather forecast

Weather can make an impact on the overall play, and it can affect the game. If it is sunny and dry outside, you will have the best gameplay and amazing odds of winning. However, if it ends up raining, you might end up experiencing a canceled game, or you could watch a draw. Keep your eyes on the prize, literally, and do listen to the forecast.

4. Worry about pitch grounds

What is the pitch like? The cricket ground should be dry and the game shouldn’t be played during the summer season or when it is high heat. Stay away from 30 degrees Celsius at all times, and only bet on games where players are cool, calm, and collected. Players may not perform the best within these conditions. You should also do a quick background check on the stadium and the current game before you make your bet.

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5. What are the players like

Make sure to do your background check, and do your research before the game begins. When it comes to gaining profits, try to look into each team and its players. How confident is the team, and what are the players like? Has anyone had some personal issues, or what if they were sick? How long have they been playing for the team, and what is their history like, along with their team transitioning? Always check the odds and your teams before you make your bet. Everyone will have their own wager, which makes it a bit easier to play.

Top 10 most popular and important cricket bets that you can go for

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  1. Match betting – cricket wager is quite famous and straightforward. Just choose between a home win, or the away team win.
  2. Completed match – will it be finished within one day or not? This is where the weather can play a huge role in determining its outcome, as we’ve previously mentioned.
  3. Tied match – just bet on a simple yes or no, and how you feel about the game.
  4. Innings runs – try to predict the exact number of runs, and bet over or under the wager.
  5. Top bowler – this is the best bet to make if you’re eyeing some specific players. Which player seems like he is going to kill it during the match? Odds are big on this one, and the payout is amazing.
  6. Top batsman – what player will score the most goals? Choose from both teams and enjoy a serious payout.
  7. Bowler match bets – these wagers allow for you to pick just one out of two recommended players. Say which one seems like he has higher and better chances of winning most wickets in the match.
  8. Tournament outright winner – what team will perform better and rise above? There are loads of different criteria and tips when it comes to this betting. Go with your gut and choose the winner, but be well-aware of all pros and cons of both teams since no one is perfect, and they both have had their won and lost games.
  9. Series winner – you can bet on a series of different matches and play multiple games. With this option, you will encounter different series of winner wager + you get to choose between two teams that are going to win it all in the end.
  10. Series score – last, but not least, one of the most popular go-to options for placing bets is the series score. What is the final overall score going to be in your opinion? Pick one team that has performed and played the best, and go with your instinct!
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Ready to make your bet?

So, are you ready to make your bet? Were these rules helpful to you in every way? Cricket is usually played by old-school professionals, but newbies as well can have their fun and enjoy amazing payouts! Simply listen, read, and re-read these 15 important rules and betting options in total, and go big or go home! Also, make sure that you look into some cricket betting tips before you place big money. In no time and sooner than later, you will become a pro + you will fall in love with this game, we guarantee!