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How to Make Money Playing Runescape? All You Need to Know

Old School Runescape or commonly called OSRS is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game or (MMORPG) in which you can perform different actions such as gaining experience, getting gold, valuable objects and earning real money for that.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, like the famous HBO series: Game Of Thrones. Runescape is separated into different cities and regions and each location has its own monsters and quests and items to find.

It is an open world game, which means that you can move and fight monsters on your own, as well as complete different missions and raise skills as you like. We can play it on PC, Mac or through our mobile device with its Runescape app.

Runescape is only available in English, so for “non native English speakers” at first it will seem a bit complicated for all the activities and actions that can be carried out. But as in any game one gets used to it quickly, there are also advisors and tutors located throughout the game (characters on the map) who teach us to play it and make it easier for us to learn to play it.

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How to make money in Old School Runescape?

Making money is a fundamental part of the game. You need to earn OSRS gold to buy new items, gain experience and level up. For this, you can check websites such as rsgoldfast.com.

If you want to earn money in the game, the purpose is to collect the largest amount of gold by performing a specific action, in order to increase experience, buy better items and in this way unlock more effective ways to generate gold faster and in greater quantity.

The most effective methods to win big money in the game are available only to members. There are several ways to produce gold, it will depend on your creativity and skill to discover the most effective method to achieve it, or at least the method that is most to your liking.

Being clear that to get the most out of the game we must be a member, we have to know how to acquire the membership? This membership apart from allowing us to produce much more gold gives us access to all the functions, sites and items of the game. It can be purchased in 3 ways:

1 – Buying it for real money on the official game page.

2 – Directly within the game at approximate of 5 Million coins for each one (14 days of the member). Collecting this amount of free gold could take several months.

3 – Buying it for real money from online sellers or other players at the equivalent of the membership price in the game. This option is the most recommended for the money and time it saves. For example, you can easily buy rs3 gold from online sellers and get the gold in no time.

It ends up being profitable to buy it in any way since the investment recovers quickly if you know how to take advantage of it … However, you must be attentive to who you buy because the rate of scams is high.

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Gold Farming: The Method to Make Profits in Runescape

Gold Farming is an activity that consists of acquiring gold in online role-playing games and then exchanging it for some type of real world currency. To date, the amount of money that has been generated thanks to Gold Farming is unknown, but according to the media the amount is close to USD 300 million. For example, in Runescape there are players who produce from $ 50 to $ 200 or more monthly, in the game we have the possibility of producing that amount if we know how to take advantage of it.

That’s why you have the option of purchasing the complete Old School Runescape digital master guide and membership to learn step by step how to optimize your account to the point of generating $ 100 or more monthly in Runescape.

The guide is completely free with the purchase of a membership. With this master guide you will learn more in depth the essential points to earn a lot of money after activating your membership: more profitable methods, how to produce gold while you level up your account and my advice for any questions.

In some countries, the gold of role-playing games, like Runescape in this case, are sold on the black market in exchange for BTC and balance in Paypal or other wallets. There are also groups on social networks, the purpose of these groups and portals is to connect trusted buyers with those who want to sell their Runescape gold as a “White List”.

To start making good money in Runescape, the best gold production actions to take are based on combat. Although there are many other alternatives but they are not as profitable as those.

What we must be very clear about is that in Runescape we will not make money from one day to the next, to produce a lot of gold quickly it is mandatory to have an account with high levels, since skills begin to be profitable only in levels high.

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How to make RS3 Gold?

When you start playing Ron Escape 3, you will know that you are basically broken. The gear you can buy is much wider than the little RS gold you have in your bank. It’s natural to wonder how you can make the most money. In this guide, you’ll find a very simple way to help you make more money initially in RuneScape 3, using a lower level role without any membership.

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Start getting bronze bars

In the beginning, the first thing you need to do is go to the door of your feet. To make cash, you must first have a runaway gold in your wallet. This is the fastest way to earn money by mining copper and tin ore. Once you have accumulated, you need to melt and put tin in brass bars to make them into something So that you can easily carry and sell.