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The Game’s New Wifey Leaux Steez?

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Looks like a The Game got a new wifey by the name of Leaux Steez… A recent Cal State University Northridge graduate. The Game has a couple of pics of her on his Ig, and Leaux has alot of pictures of The Game, his kids, etc. The Game’s BM Tiffany and his other baby mama both seem to get along with Leaux. She was at both of his sons birthday parties. The Game refers to her as his “Friend”. They have been seeing each other since the summer of last year.

Leaux Steez_the_game_atlnightspots_ab6722000a1e8bb3_7

Leaux Steez_the_game_atlnightspots_1fa42a_7 Leaux Steez_the_game_atlnightspots_f9d89_7She is with his Baby Mamas

Leaux Steez_the_game_atlnightspots_a9f4da7_7

Leaux Steez_the_game_atlnightspots_00a1f96d4_7

Leaux Steez_the_game_atlnightspots_0a1f9683_7


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