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Teacher in Czech Republic Fired After Footage Surfaces

A teacher identified only as Lucie has been fired from her job in the Czech Republic. The 35-year-old lost her job after children at her school in the city of Ceska Lipa found an action-packed video that she was paid to make. As you will witness in the album below, she’s actually quite talented in front of the camera.

Unfortunately for Ms. Lucie, she’s naked throughout the tape. That fact led to her downfall. (If you want to watch it, click at the link at the end of the album.)

School officials in Ceska Lipa fired her after parents started complaining. The Czech woman tried to say that she was drugged and doesn’t remember creating the movie. As you might expect, that excuse didn’t fly.

Let’s hope she comes to the United States and becomes a star. Here in America, we are all about handing out second chances.

Here are pictures from the video — and don’t forget about the link at the end!