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Fabolous – Black Girl Lost Freestyle


Fabolous murdered Nas “Black Girl Lost” instrumental for his latest Fridays series of Freestyles.

Shorty don’t lose yourself trying to look like these models
Cause there is way more to life than bookings and bottles
Looking for follows, hook-up to swallow
Some nigga with a Big Check, yeah you looking for Lotto
All you Dollar and Dream bi*ches, powerball bi*ches
went for like mega-million pick 4 bi*ches
looking for a nigga that’s 6’4 bi*ches
setting thirst traps, gotta click more pictures
thats a lick for bi*ches, ride the dick raw bi*ches
having a baby by the nigga, have em trick more riches


“But she D’usse he double crossed her”