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Taboo Element Around Males Using Sex Toys

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There was once a time when women would be shamed for using sex toys. Now that’s perfectly acceptable, but the tables have turned for men.

If you ask the world, it’s quite a taboo topic for men to own or use sex toys. The taboo elements are perfectly justified in the eyes of many. But why is that? Why are male sex toys such a deviant topic?

In this article, we will go over that. So with all that said, let’s start.

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Men Aren’t Used To It

A huge reason why male sex toys are indeed taboo is that simply said, men haven’t really been using them – almost never. Sure, you have the odd case where someone in the past does indeed go out and buys a male sex toy, but men are generally opposed to this thinking.

But what do the numbers say nowadays? A survey done on Men’s Health readers found that 66% of men are comfortable using sex toys.

That means men are slowly getting more and more accustomed to the idea of using a doll, a ring, or even a dildo in the bed. More so, couples are getting more and more used to buying separate toys – one for the gal and one for the guy.

In another study, 43% of couples said that they do indeed use sex toys, while 17% of them said that they use them individually.

So all in all, men are indeed getting more used to this taboo idea. But that isn’t the only reason why male sex toys are taboo.

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Plenty of Innovations for Men to Play Around With

Women have all kinds of ways to pleasure themselves in bed. There is a saying that women use toys because they don’t have the hands for self-pleasure. Well, sadly, this is nothing but a big fat lie. Women can use their hands just as easily as men would.

But men get ridiculed whereas women are empowered to self-pleasure using sex toys. Why is that? Many say that men hold a different image in society.

In simpler terms, sex toys aren’t for men as they can pleasure themselves in many ways. This is probably the biggest reason why male sex toys are such a taboo topic.

The taboo element still lives to this day. Even if more men are more susceptible to the idea than ever before, it will take some time before a guy tells his friends his dark secret.

Another point to address are the many believes of the standard male sex toy. If you ask 100 guys what are male sex toys, how confident are you that you’ll be given a diverse response?

In the past 100 years, male sex toys have reached unimaginable heights in terms of innovation. From a sex doll to prostate massagers, there is enough variety for everyone out there.

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Male Sex Toys Enhance Sexual Health

Many ignore the taboo element due to the obvious sexual health benefits that sex toys bring. This isn’t anything exclusive to guys as women benefit from them the same way.

But how? Well, using male sex toys will likely increase your sexual drive. Considering that plenty of guys struggle with their sexuality, what better way to solve this issue than to use a doll?

But these kinds of benefits aren’t the only thing we’re talking about. As some of you might know, men’s sexual health is a taboo topic in its self.

Guys are much less likely to visit sexual health clinics than women. One way to promote that is by using male sex toys. By encouraging it, guys are more likely to go to testicular examinations and visit sexual health clinics to examine other stuff.

More so, these toys improve the way guys handle themselves in bed. Through the use of taboo toys, guys are more likely to achieve higher orgasmic satisfaction, intercourse satisfaction, and improve their sexual desire.

But let’s bring it back a bit to men’s sexual health. Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem among guys. The condition is severe enough to put off guys from ever having sex.

If you’re not familiar with what it is, let’s just say that the condition makes it difficult for guys to have intercourse. The obvious side effects of this condition are damaging enough to permanently ruin a guy’s confidence in bed.

One way to get it back is by using male sex toys. Since guys who use them achieve a higher level of intercourse satisfaction, it might be enough to eliminate the issue altogether.

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They’re Recommended By Healthcare Professionals

Male sex toys are and will be a taboo topic for a long time. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore it and do what we want.

While we did talk about the obvious sexual health benefits that guys get, we also have to mention that healthcare professionals are also recommending them.

If a woman has a sexual issue, then she’ll be advised to use a vibrator to get her confidence back. Guys can experience this problem just as much as gals. And when that happens, it’s important to get your sexual desire back as soon as possible.

One way to do that is by using male sex toys such as dolls, vibrators, rings, and more. Not only that, but healthcare practitioners are also recommending them.

We talked about erectile dysfunction and how big an issue it is for guys. Well, sexual health professionals recommend the use of sex toys in the bed to get the desire back and eliminate the problem.

Some of the best toys for that are penis pumps, rings, and vibrators, to name a few.

So if you’re having difficulties getting it hard, we recommend you head to the nearest sex shop and get something to help you out. It might be taboo and it will be taboo, but it won’t be forever.