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Should I Study Esports in College?

The idea that you could study competitive video gaming would have baffled anyone 20 years ago. Why would anyone pay to go to college and study how to play video games of all things? With over 1,000 schools in the United States now training the next generation of esports professionals, though, this is not really surprising – not anymore.

In fact, esports has evolved and it has evolved to reach completely new heights. The industry has generated tremendous interest which has translated into activities such as esports betting, much like professional sports! If you want to bet on Dota 2, for example, you can do so at https://dotabetz.com/.

Today, though, the industry is not only about the types of wagers you can place. Ultimately, there are many things you can be doing to enjoy esports and even turn them into an actual university or college degree. Here, we will give you 8 reasons why studying esports in college isn’t a bad idea after all.

Source: WIRED

1. Esports Is a Billion-Worth Industry

Esports is now worth a billion, Newzoo predicts, as the company has revised its latest profit outlook for the global competitive gaming market in a new report. According to Newzoo, esports are generating significant gross receipts, and while the industry isn’t growing at the heady pace previous years have attributed to it, it’s certainly there.

The fact that esports is worth over $1 billion now is quite impressive all by itself. In comparison, the video gaming industry is valued at $123 billion in the United States alone. This means that esports has a very, very long way to go in achieving their full potential, and this is going to be happening over the next decade.

2. Demand for Esports Specialists Is Growing

You may think that esports is not something you would need to “study up” for. Nothing could be further from the truth. As things stand, esports is actually a profession that requires the right mindset and academic preparation. To give you a simple example, many big-league sports bosses are leaving provenly successful businesses to join esports organizations.

Sports bodies such as the MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS are all seeing executives go, who are switching to esports. In other words, the most serious men and women in sports business are deciding to make the shift towards esports, and this makes sense.

Not only that, but there is demand for writers, content creators, marketing experts, players, tournament organizers, HR, recruitment officers, and all sorts of other professions that make up the ecosystem of any successful industry. However, the majority of these skills can only be taught in universities and this is why esports colleges are a thing.

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3. You Can Monetize

Monetization is a concern for many. After all, when you consider traditional education, many people ask themselves not just what they want to study but if there is enough money in this trade. Esports doesn’t sound like a profession where you can sustain yourself, does it?

Well, the truth is it actually is. There is a simple enough reason for that. Esports relies on many ways of monetization. You can become a streamer or a caster, or even a well-salaried professional player with significant earning potential.

Then again, you may be in an executive role or be responsible for event organization and more. There are many things you can be doing to monetize your talent in esports, and this is the good thing. Many of these positions will require that you are a college graduate, hence why studying esports isn’t a bad idea after all.

4. There Are Many Disciplines

Esports in college is a good idea because there truly are many disciplines. While a certain aptitude for video gaming is desirable, you will soon realize that there are many other things you can study and excel in. You don’t have to necessarily be the best League of Legends or VALORANT player.

Just to the opposite. While a sound grasp of these games is surely important to be admitted, you will find many other areas where you can excel and develop yourself as a professional within the esports ecosystem. Players are welcome to find out more the games they love, but picking additional skills is what matters when attending esports classes at university.

Source: Ohio State News

5. It’s Easy to Secure Scholarships

This is true. With a bit of talent, securing scholarships will actually be much easier than anything you may have expected. Players are able to compete in various tournaments organized between schools and by third-party sponsors, and the rewards? They are often sizable scholarships.

The scholarships won’t cover all of your expenses, but you can rest assured that there are many great opportunities for you out there, helping you chip away at the cost of education. That makes esports not only an affordable but also worthwhile position to study.

6. Esports Bring People Together

Esports is a social activity, even if competitive video gaming may appear as the sort of thing you do on your own and away from other people. Well, it’s not and because of the highly-social element that esports have, studying competitive video gaming actually makes a lot of sense.

To put it this way, you can expect esports to be here for decades to come and there is no end in sight. Many feared a bubble, but investors are piling on as young audiences are looking for entertaining beyond traditional sports and esports is just that.

Source: Idaho State Journal

7. Esports Are Fun

Last but not least, the biggest reason for studying esports is that they are fun. They are an exciting and promising aspect of the entertainment ecosystem and you will definitely find yourself quite happy looking into the subtler sides of the experience. More importantly, they are tons of fun and you will never find yourself bored.

Whether you are competing or sitting through lectures to help you become a better manager or even a coach, you will always find a reason to strive towards esports in education.