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How to Have Fun and Stay Safe During Anal Play

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Anal play is an incredible way to spice up your sex life and engage in something new and exciting. With any sexual activity, it is important to stay safe so you can have a pleasurable experience.

Whether you are gearing up to try anal play for the first time or you are trying to gain some experience in it, read on for some tips you can try from setting the mood just right to including sex toys like a prostate massager.

Set a Relaxing Mood

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Relaxing before anal play is one of the most essential steps to take before engaging in sex. The anus is a tight hole that only becomes narrower when muscles constrict. When you are nervous or anxious, your body is going to tighten up and that includes your anus.

Trying to penetrate a tight anus will only result in pain so it’s important to relax the body and create a calming atmosphere for sex.

Set up the room with a relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles, using soothing fragrances, or playing calming music. As foreplay, give each other a massage and use lotions or oils that feature relaxing scents such as lavender or chamomile. When the body is relaxed, it is primed to engage in anal play in a manner that will feel pleasurable instead of painful.

Have Plenty of Lube Handy

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Lubricant is not a nice-to-have item during anal sex, it is an essential item to have. The anus does not produce lubrication naturally the way the vagina does. Lube is used instead to allow the penis or toy from smoothing moving in and out of the anus.

Lubricant can be applied by rubbing it on the penis before penetration or by applying some to the fingers to insert it before penile penetration. Using both methods can be effective as well.

Before penetration is not the only time lube will be needed. After a while, the lube will dry up so it is likely more lubricant will be needed during the deeds. Make sure to have the lube close by to reapply as needed.

When it comes to choosing a lube, water-based lubricants work best. Avoid using oil-based lubricants as these, when used with condoms, can cause the condom to break.

Use Protection

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The number one way to stay safe during sex is with protection and condoms are the best method to use. Even though pregnancy cannot happen through anal sex, there is a risk of STDs.

If you are engaging with anyone you are not in a committed, monogamous relationship with, ensure you are protecting yourself so you can enjoy sex rather than stress about the health outcome.

Keep Communication Open

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Communication is incredibly important when engaging in anal play because new experiences can come with learning curves. Even if you’ve had anal sex before, it can take some learning when you are with a new partner. Communicate openly with your partner by sharing what feels good (so they can keep doing it) and what brings you discomfort (so adjustments can be made).

With anal sex, it’s best to stop if you are feeling any discomfort. Adjustments will need to be made so no one is feeling pain. Often more lube or a change in position is required, so they are usually simple fixes but your partner won’t know you are in pain unless you speak up.

Include Sex Toys

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Because the anus is so small, it’s a good idea to use sex toys to help loosen up the area. Toys can be used in foreplay to make anal sex more comfortable and enliven the experience. Of course, the receiver doesn’t have to be the only one to engage in anal play. With a prostate massager, the giver can get in on the action as well.

Specifically designed for men, the prostate massager targets the prostate, which is known as the male g-spot because it delivers exceptional pleasure. Consider adding this to the mix so both partners can engage in fun anal play.

Lube is still necessary with sex toys and water-based lubricant is still recommended. As with condoms, oil-based lubricants can damage sex toys, especially those made with silicone.


Anal play can be a ton of fun and is considered a very safe sexual activity when proper precautions are taken. Even if you don’t have experience with anal sex, you can find your rhythm with it. Be open to learning a bit because it will be worth it. When you use these tips, both you and your partner can enjoy a night of sexual fun that will deliver incredible pleasure.