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5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Are a Great Addition to the Bedroom

Every relationship is based on love and understanding, loyalty, and many other important things, but if something is crucial for it to work out, it’s the sexual life. Some people say it’s not that important when you have all those things from the first sentence, but if there is no sex, you are practically friends who sleep together in the same bed or share the same home. Don’t underestimate the power and importance of a great sexual life, no matter if you are married, you are in a long relationship, or you are just for casual things every now and then.

For those who are more open-minded (and for those who aren’t that much), there are plenty of entertaining activities they can do and take to the bedroom to improve the sex life. Some of them are better to be used with the partner you have and believe, because they can take you to the edge, and you don’t want that from someone you don’t trust. Anyway, when we talk about sex toys, fetishes, and unusual sexual requirements, you can get inspired on Lovify, and see what you really need for this purpose. Keep in mind that using some toys can hurt, and if you aren’t ready or you are scared of them, you can go for more predictable choices, or skip using them until you are ready to do that. Some people find pleasure in pain, and they will choose more extreme toys, but if you aren’t one of them, you can stick to safer choices, like vibrators, vibrating rings, or something you find pleasant enough for you and your partner/spouse.

Before we list all the benefits of using some toys in the bedroom, we want to remind you that nothing should happen without your consent, even the usual vanilla sex. If you don’t feel like having sex right now, no matter your gender choice or sexual orientation, you shouldn’t be forced to do that.

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1. Using toys will make you closer and increase the mutual trust

When in a relationship for a long time, after a few years there will often be that period when you are questioning your love and the purpose of it. Sometimes it’s a result of boring bedroom habits, or even skipping it for nights. But if you still like you can fire up the flame, like in the first months, then you can suggest making some changes, and using something you didn’t before. If the partner doesn’t feel comfortable about that, you can still use some tricks to make the sex better, without using toys. But, the point is that you both talk about the potential issues you have in bed, including the lack of sexual activities, and that will help you get even more closer, and trust each other more.

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2. Experimenting and trying new things is good for the relationship

You can’t try new things with someone you don’t know, and never forget that. Don’t let the one-night-stand partners use something you don’t want, and it’s the same for the casual partners too. But if you are in a long-term relationship, these experiments will ensure that there won’t be any boredom in the bedroom. Sex toys are improving and boosting the intimacy in your relationship, making it more stable and healthier.

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3. It’s good for your mental health

Unfortunate things can happen during intercourse, for everyone included in it. But, that doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t deserve the daily dose of sexual pleasure. The toys can help them feel better, and they are good for you too because you can help your partner using them, or even get creative and combine a few of them, for even better pleasure and satisfaction. All these things will prevent mental health issues related to your today’s failure in bed. Also, if that happens for a long time, and there are no issues in the relationship, you may consider visiting a doctor and addressing the problem at the right place. There is nothing wrong with that, and if you fix those things on time, you will have a chance to improve the relationship, without ruining your mental condition.

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4. Increasing the chances for orgasm

Not being able to have an orgasm is a pretty common problem within lots of women, and it’s not a result of the partner’s bad performance or anything like that. Sometimes, the stressful life and all the worries we have can stop the orgasms, even though the pleasure is still there. But, once you have a “deal” to try using toys and experiment more in the bedroom, it will boost the excitement, and relax the partners at the same time. It’s much easier to have an orgasm when you are relaxed, and of course, if you have the right help for that.

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5. Better self-awareness and self-confidence

Knowing that sex, toys, and every action related to them is considered taboo in many traditions and cultures, many people aren’t confident enough with their performance – and the reason for that is the lack of self-awareness. This includes your preferences, wishes, or even fetishes and kinky sides of your personality. When you are aware of what you want, without thinking what the other people will say (remember, these things are private), you will be able to explore your body better and have the sex life you always wanted but was afraid to share it with your partner.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with using sex toys for maximum pleasure and satisfaction. We recommend you avoid considering it as taboo or something wrong because there is nothing like that. As soon as you embrace your sexuality and preferences, you will improve the whole bedroom experience. Of course, don’t let anything happen without your consent. The partner who is making you do things you don’t want shouldn’t be a part of your life. Talk to each other, and be honest and open to your wishes, but at the same time, respect their limits. That’s the only way you can be sure you are doing the right thing.