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How To Stay Safe After A Night Out Drinking

People are likely to overdrink on a night out, which may cause them to become less conscious of their environment. Although spending a wild night out is exciting, it’s always best to stay protected.

If you’re embarking on a fun night out with good friends, here are some measures to keep in mind to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Some clubs and bars hold student nights and offer more affordable drinks. If you’re their target market, it’s easy to fall into such a trap, availing it and getting sucked into doing rounds with your friends. However, too much alcohol intake might lead to issues for you and your companions.

Remember to drink at your own pace. You might think that the special discount is something worthwhile to avail of, but you don’t need to buy more than what you could consume. If someone bought you another drink, you don’t need to accept and keep drinking.

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Avoid Any Confrontation

In case there’s a brewing commotion, walk away from anyone trying to start a fight with you or your friends. If you can’t move away from the area of someone behaving aggressively, it’s best to report them to the venue’s bouncer or the authorities.

Don’t be tempted to jump into a friend’s defense if someone from your circle got into a fight. Instead, pull them away and take them somewhere else.

Avoiding confrontation will help ensure that no one would wait for you or your friends outside or down the road to hit you by surprise. Nothing’s worth all that trouble.

Keep Every Valuable Safely Hidden

Drunks or slightly inebriated individuals are easier targets for pickpockets. So, if you’re bringing valuables on a night out and have plans to drink, it’s best to keep them hidden and zipped inside your bag. Phones, wallets, and purses should all be out of sight.

When you’re already outside the venue, advertising such valuables is also a terrible idea. Snatchers might trick you easily. Thus, try to avoid losing something after all the fun.

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Plan Your Ride Home

Drunk driving is the primary reason for road accidents. This circumstance may lead to a number of serious punishments, like imprisonment. As a result, those facing these driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges should seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer. You can click to read more information about DWI charges.

Avoid getting into a vehicle with a person who has consumed too much alcohol or could be under the influence of other substances. Designating a driver is the most secure way to get home. Another choice is to arrange a ride with a trustworthy person, like a family member.

Save a Cab Number on Your Contacts

You’re well aware that driving while intoxicated is never a safe idea. You might also practice designating a driver for your nights out. However, even dependable friends may find it challenging to remain sober at a party.

Thus, you should have backup transportation plans for certain circumstances. If you can contact a reputable cab operator, you don’t need to take a ride with a drunk pal. You don’t want to end up causing an accident if you drive home drunk.

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Wait for Your Cab Inside

When you’ve had too many drinks, you wouldn’t want to sit on the curb waiting for your ride. Due to the deterioration of your brain function triggered by liquor, you may catch yourself in the path of oncoming traffic, raising the risk of injury. Additionally, street robbers may find you as an easy target. You might get mugged and lose your wallet or phone. So, stay inside until your cab comes.

Stay with Your Group

If you’re going out for the night, stick with your group. It’s possible to get separated in massive crowds, so it’s an excellent strategy to arrange a meeting place if someone gets separated. If you can’t locate your group, don’t go elsewhere. Instead, go somewhere open and contact them.

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Look for a Non-Drinking Companion

A non-drinking companion will keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t go overboard. They would even protect you from unwelcome advances from strangers. In case of an untoward instance, a non-drinking companion will contact 911 or administer first aid if you have alcohol poisoning.

Keep Emergency Money

If you’re going out for the night, it’s a reliable tactic to have separate cash outside your purse or bag. This practice would ensure that if you misplace or lose your wallet, you’d have enough funds to get a cab home if necessary. Put the cash hidden in you, like the inner pocket of your pants.

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Stay at a Hotel

If you’re living far away from the place you’re drinking, invite your friends to come with you and check into a hotel nearby. While it may seem costly, sharing a room with many friends may be less pricey than a cab ride. It’s also a good chance to have the alcohol settle down in your system before going home the next day.

Take a Safe Path

Don’t walk home alone. Walk together with your friends. Even if it takes a little longer, stay on well-lit paths where there are many people and surveillance cameras. Always be conscious of your environment. Refrain from listening to music or using your phone on your way home to avoid distractions.

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Follow Road Safety

Because alcohol slows down movement, it’s crucial to exercise extra caution while crossing the street. It could also be difficult to see or be seen on dark streets, so it’s best to follow road safety measures. Use a pedestrian crossing and check both directions before moving. This precaution would make you safe when going home after a night out.

Think Before You Act

Being drunk should not exempt you from behaving improperly or causing injury to others. This inappropriate behavior includes offending or bullying another person. When you’re drunk, your judgment may be marred, so be wary of your behavior.

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Bottom Line

Keep in mind that alcohol can significantly affect your awareness, reduce your restraints, and cause you to engage in risky decisions. Some of your choices or actions may sound like a brilliant idea at the moment, particularly if you’re drunk. But you wouldn’t want to regret your moves the following day. Thus, take precautions to keep yourself secure. Don’t forget to be mindful of your surroundings to enjoy your night out drinking.