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Some Virtual Date Ideas You Can Try Out

To sustain a long-distance relationship, you have to put in twice the effort.

Why? Because the basic idea of physical assurance is taken out of the equation now.

Earlier, you could have gone out to eat or just randomly take a stroll in the neighborhood aimlessly. All that was important was that you are having fun with the love of your life. That is no longer possible.

Therefore, you have to think of ways that will keep the communication flawless and keep the boredom out of the house.

Therefore, to help you out in the process, we have compiled a set of ideas for virtual dates that could work wonders if executed properly.

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Cook dinner together

Firstly, pick a time when the both of you will be available. It will work even better if the two of you cook your food at home.

Fix on a particular dish that the two of you will be prepared separately and assemble all the necessary ingredients.

The dish could be anything, but it would add a special touch if you could personalize the activity and choose a dish that both of you used to savor at a time. Or you could also choose their favorite dish.

Once done, prepare a table, get a bottle of wine, distribute the food on two plates and enjoy!

It will be no less eventful than a regular date night, but the only difference would be that this is better.

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Watch a movie

You could choose a movie and watch it together. Now, there are three ways you can do that.

  • Netflix has apps like Teleparty, which will let you watch the same movie together.
  • Any one of you could play the movie and share your screen with your partner.
  • You can watch the movie on your laptop or phone and text whatever comments you have on any particular scene.

However, if you ask us, we would say that the second option looks the most feasible amongst these three.

Play a game

First of all, several apps can help you with the process. There is an app that can help you choose from a range of virtual activities. However, it also has an option for games which will give you several options on which game to play.

However, you can also stick to the basic video game. The best part is that video games always ensure that you have an amazing time.

Anyway, apart from these, you can also play simple games like ludo, snake, and ladder, etc.

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Have a double date

Long-distance makes it hard for every couple to cope with once in a while. Therefore, if you have a friend who is also a part of a long-distance relationship, the best thing you can do is plan a double date.

Order some good, get some alcohol, and talk your heart out on a video call.

Paint and drink wine

One of the best date nights is the ones where you don’t have much planned and decide to go with the flow.

Sketching or coloring is an amazing way to relieve stress. Thus, what better way to make use of these stress busters?

Schedule a date, pick up the residual wine and pack a bag of brie, just in case, and get your drawing equipment in order.

You can decide to make a portrait of each and send it over later, or you can just choose to pen down random designs.

Sip a little, sketch a bit, and have a mesmerizing time with each other!

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Listen to a podcast together

Choose a podcast that both of you will find interesting and listen to it together. You can play it from your separate accounts, or any one of you can play while the person listens to it through the video call.

Have a book club night

This will be even more favorable if the two of you are bookworms. You can ask them to pick a new book and get your hands on it, or you could also re-read a classic with your partner.

A classic can never go wrong, and especially when you read it with your partner, every romantic scene will appear even mushier.

Source: The Independent

Keep it a simple night of pillow talk

If it’s been a tiring day and you no longer have the energy to engage in any more activities, go back to the basics. These virtual dates are, ultimately, about spending quality time together. The quality time doesn’t need to have to include something eventful.

After you’ve had your dinner, slip into your pajamas and place the laptop on the pillow next to you. Make sure that the person gets the view he would if he would sleep beside you.

Share your whole day with them and fall asleep with them by your side. While at it, you can even try out sites like www.asiancams.xxx to make these more fun.

Bonus: you get to wake up with them too!

Learn a dance together

Enroll your partner and yourself in virtual dance classes and track the progress together.

Learning something together gives the assurance that the two of you are together in real-time and makes a real difference in the relationship.

Dance has the most daunting effect, but it can vary from one couple to another.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Take a trip down memory lane

If you guys spent time with each other before long-distance became the norm, then taking a trip down the memory lane sounds like an amazing idea.

You can look back to pictures and share a laugh about a silly incident that you associate with it.

However, if your entire relationship has been long-distance, then talking about how you guys met and how it happened could be a nice replacement for pictures.

Prepare a song or dance for your partner

Suppose there is a certain song that you guys go back to when you are sad or a shared song that holds a lot of memories.

It would be thoughtful of you to prepare a rendition of that song and play it in front of them.