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What Sites and Services Can Help New Players in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the most famous MMO RPGs around the world. WoW gained such popularity for a huge number of game mechanics and features, strong PVP content due to the opposition between the Horde and Alliance factions recognizable by all gamers, and the regular release of major updates that continue the already extensive history of the continents and islands of Azeroth.

A beginner who is just thinking about which faction to join, about the game class and the general meta, will face the fact that there is so much content and updates on the project that there are two ways to achieve success in World of Warcraft:

  1. Play at random and master all the content from personal experience without relying on the gaming experience of other gamers and act on luck.
  2. Read gaming sites and use services that are aimed at helping players master World of Warcraft content.

Which option to choose is up to you.

Sites and services that will help a beginner understand World of Warcraft and learn how to play:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WoW Fandom


Skycoach is a service that allows gamers to interact and get help from professional players in online games, including World of Warcraft. You will be able to get services for buying gold, coaching, boosting, raid carry and many other options.

• Sale of gold

Starting to play WoW, you will quickly realize that not only is there always not enough gold for really valuable equipment, but it is also difficult and time-consuming to earn the main currency of the MMO RPG.

You can complete quests, farm professions and kill monsters, or turn to Skycoach for in-game gold, which can be provided in any amount. The service guarantees anonymity and a refund in case of disputes.

• Coaching

If you are new to the world of MMO RPGs, you may benefit from learning from a professional Skycoach player. They teach you how to level up, how to play PVP and PVE correctly on the selected class, and talk about additional mechanics of raids and professions to provide yourself with gold, equipment and useful materials and general demand on game servers.

• Boosting

Boosting involves transferring a game account to a professional Skycoach player in order to perform a leveling service. The client is guaranteed anonymity and is used by VPN to protect the account and character from unwanted attention of the game administration.

• Raid carry

You can pay for the help service in passing any raid, including the Mythical one. Professional Skycoach players will take you into a group and are guaranteed to defeat the boss, and you will get all the rewards and experience. For safety, you will be killed at the start and resurrected at the finishing stage.


Wowhead is a large database of guides and tutorials that new players will find very helpful.

Guides are a complete analysis of the character, and by choosing your class you can read literally everything that other players have managed to squeeze out of the character over the long period of World of Warcraft’s existence.

For example, you decide to play as a magic class – you will need to decide on the choice of a class, read everything about equipment and weapons, combat tactics, farming and a general understanding and positioning as a class power.

There are three types of attacking mages in World of Warcraft:

Fire is a strong AoE class that can deliver strong AoE attacks with additional burning damage to all targets hit by the attack.

Ice is a strong PvP class that deals heavy damage to single targets and inflicts strong debuffs from hypothermia. Targets will be slowed or immobilized. Ice Mage can significantly reduce enemy attack parameters by 50% due to freezing.

Arcane is a strong PVP and PVE single target class. The arcane mage delivers a series of blows that reinforce each other when used. The first attack deals damage and applies a special effect that opens up the ability to cast the second group of magic spells, which will strengthen the attack and deal additional damage. Such skills cannot be cast if the first attack fails. There are many passive skills in the arcane branch that increase the power of magical attacks, the chance of magical critical attack and the speed of the procast.

WoW Fandom

WoW Fandom is a large knowledge base down to the smallest detail, written and edited by the players themselves.

You can find all the theoretical information on World of Warcraft and other modern MMO projects.

Fandom has information about almost every important NPC.

You can find the location, history and characteristics, quests and chains in which the NPC is involved.

If you are interested in the profession system, then you will need to find NPCs from which you can buy special equipment in order to be able to mine rocks or skin them. You need to find a pickaxe and a carving knife to interact with this kind of content. You will find cost information and the exact location of the NPCs.

Read about the quests themselves – a list of actions to be completed, the total reward and time to complete, so that you can understand the complexity of the task and its relevance for the character, or understand how you can complete the task in the fastest way.

Read about the main stats for each character and look for ways to enhance them to increase the effectiveness of the class in PVP and PVE.

For example, by leveling up the Mastery stat, you will receive a significant increase in the effectiveness of the use of skills, the chance of proc, the critical attack power, and the chance to proc a critical power during the cast. The characteristic is useful for mages, daggers, shamans and other classes that most of the attacks are inflicted with the help of abilities, which form the basis of any build for this class and specialization. You can pump such a skill with the help of equipment, and the higher the quality level, the greater the total bonuses and their strength.