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How to Select Spare Parts Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

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By using the VIN code, you can easily find the necessary parts, engine oil, and even paint for a specific make and model of car. Despite the simplicity and accuracy of this method, not all motorists are able to choose the part correctly. There are situations when, for example, components selected by all parameters aren’t suitable for the vehicle. Why this happens and how to correctly select a spare part by VIN code is discussed below.

What is a Car Part Number?

This is an individual code that is assigned to components during production. It’s with the help of this number that you can distinguish spare parts from each other. Such a codification system was implemented to make the selection process for motorists easy-to-understand. Furthermore, car part numbers prevent confusion between elements for different vehicle models and configurations. As a result, further automobile breakage due to the wrong parts being picked and installed is avoided.

Source: canva.com

What Is the VIN Code and Where Can I Find It?

Each vehicle has its own code, so you can easily identify the car. It also makes things easier for law enforcement and government officials.

It’s important that each VIN code is unique, similar to a human fingerprint. All vehicle data is encrypted in it. The coding is a set of Arabic numerals and Latin letters with a length of 17 characters. It’s interesting that no cipher contains the letters “Q,” “I,” or “O” so as not to confuse them with the digital signs “0” or “1.”

In Japanese-made vehicles, the encoding is slightly different from European and American standards and is called “frame code.” However, most of the search engines of online car part stores that work with a VIN code lookup, decode and return the result similarly.

The individual number of the car is written:

  • in the technical documentation for the car;
  • on the engine;
  • on the car panel from the driver’s side of the cabin;
  • on special stickers that the manufacturer sticks on the windshield;
  • on both sides of the hood;
  • on the rack and threshold of the driver’s door;
  • under the cover near the driver’s seat;
  • on the arch of the right front wheel.

As you can see, vehicle identification is much easier with the VIN code. It’s beneficial in a variety of ways, including determining the appropriate spare parts for a specific car model to install and avoiding future problems.

Source: canva.com

How to Find a Spare Part on Your Own Using a VIN Code

Modern cars have thousands of parts entered by the manufacturer in the electronic catalog, or registry, of original spare parts. These are programs with a database with detailed information about components by manufacturer’s brand, illustrations, prices, and characteristics. They are used by dealers, service stations, and car dealerships to define all the needed part details accurately.

Each spare part has its own catalog number. To search for a spare part by car brand, it’s enough to enter a unique code of 17 characters. The system will quickly display all available details, for example, which car batteries or transmission oils are suitable directly for your make and model of vehicle. After that, the user will be prompted to view the specific parts of a particular car with their numbers, images, and parameters. To search for spare parts, we recommend using the original catalogs from car manufacturers.

However, there is no need to download the catalog for your vehicle in order to find spare parts using a VIN number. The best solution is to utilize the free online catalog services offered by many online stores. After entering the VIN, you’ll be given access to the selection of parts in the manufacturer’s catalog.

The advantages of searching for spare parts by vehicle code in online catalogs are as follows:

  • registration is not required;
  • 100% compatibility of the spare part with your car;
  • quick retrieval of part numbers;
  • propositions are provided for original parts’ substitutes;
  • free consultation.

We strongly recommend that car owners replace spare parts only using the VIN code. This is a sure way to ensure your car’s quality maintenance as well as its safety and dependability.

Source: canva.com

In Conclusion

The VIN code is one of the most popular ways to check used cars in Germany, choose its proper components, and even select its body paint. This unique number stores all information about the components installed at the factory. By entering the VIN code, you’ll get access to all the characteristics of your own car and be able to evaluate the catalog of appropriate spare parts for a specific vehicle.

Car parameters are also an important point when looking for parts. After all, models of the same brand and modification, manufactured in different years or in different countries, may differ significantly in the elements of the engine, suspension, etc. Such details are already taken into account by modern systems, so you don’t need to worry about the relevance of the data when taking advantage of the VIN decoding system.