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Research Paper Topics For Psychology Students

Choosing a topic for a psychology paper can be a daunting tasking, and it can be even more challenging to write a paper if you chose an area that does not interest you. It would be best if you first determined what or the topic you want to write about; this is the most crucial step and should not be rushed. It would be best if you chose a topic that interests you and you are passionate about. It is easy to lose interest midway through your research as the process is usually long and tedious if the topic is boring. Something that makes you look forward to working on the topic is a sure way to keep yourself interested.

Source: Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

One of the mistakes that we make while choosing a topic is trying to pick something unheard of or the exact opposite, a topic area that has been extensively researched or too easy. It is important to consult your supervisor on the topics; however, Homeworkmarket.us is a sure platform that provides support with such insightful ideas as far as research paper topics are concerned. Remember to look into an area and find something novel, an area where your research is going to make a contribution.

To help you further narrow down on research paper topics that you could undertake, check out sections and topic areas under them.

Developmental Psychology

Development psychology provides an effortless way to carry out his/her research, which is especially true because data collection is very easy. Some of the topics to look into are:

  •  The developmental stages of a child.
  • How modern society has shaped the role that the two genders play.
  • A look into how media influences and encourages violence.
  • Drawing a correlation on the influence of parental development on the development of their offspring.
  • How aging affects adults and how they perceive responsibility at different ages.
  • The four stages of intellectual growth.
  • The effect of having a good breakfast for children and how they influence their performance.
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Child Psychology

This is an excellent branch of psychology, and this will be suitable for those who like working with children. Some of the topics that one can choose from this are:

  • The mental of children.
  • How computer games affect the development of children.
  • Violent video games/movies and their impact on children.
  • Obesity and its connection to parenting.
  • Emotional development in children.

The key here is to narrow on a particular subject so that it is easy to research on. Too broad a topic and you will fail to meet the objectives of the research.

Psychological Disorders

In today’s society, psychological disorders are becoming more and more pronounced, so that this area could be a good topic for a research paper. You could focus on a specific modality of treatment—some of the topics to choose from include.

  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
  • Depression, including clinical depression.
  • Personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder and multiple personality disorders.
  • Phobias.

You could also choose from the various types of therapies and review their effectiveness. Such therapies are psychoanalytic therapy, group therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Source: Verywell Mind

Social Psychology Topics

This is a diverse and expansive field of psychology. Mastery of this area of psychology eludes many students, and so it would be advisable that you are comfortable or do prior research before you embark on research on the topics that fall under this category. Some of the topics that one can pick from this are:

  • Social cognition.
  • Divorce and its effects on parties involved, i.e., the children.
  • Discrimination and perception of diagnosis of mental health.
  • Physical disabilities and how society prepares for this during infrastructure development.
  • Post-partum depression.
  • Addressing the causes of xenophobia from a psychological perspective.
  • How motorized transport has contributed to an increase in the level of obesity.

You could also opt to focus on topics that are deemed controversial and have a connection to psychology.

Some of these include:

  • Homosexuality.
  • Women as the perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • Is it at the expense of the male gender when we should focus on empowering the female gender?
  • Social media addiction and especially its impact on the young.
  • Sexually deviant behavior and fetishes.
  • Parents/guardians being the perpetrator of child sexual abuse.

Critiquing A Journal Article

Another area that one could focus on that is slightly different from the other is critiquing a book or an academic journal article.You will need to identify a journal article or a book and do a critique. One such article could be the Lucifer effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Zimbardo. University libraries a good place to hunt for an article that you could review. The beauty with this is that they will be arranged so that you can easily identify the subject you are most interested in.

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Analyzing An Experiment

One thing to do is look for a groundbreaking experiment and analyze the methods by summarizing the experiment and showing how the researcher approached ethics while it was being conducted. You could also research the implication of such research.

Choosing a topic among the many will not be an easy task,and research on the topic will take even longer but of importance to remember is to pick a topic that excites you. After you have settled on a topic, the next thing is to research the topic. Look keenly into the sources cited in those books. Utilize the library to look for material on these topics. More recent information can be found on online databases such as PyscNet, or PsycINFO for up-to-date information on the topic you have chosen.

You should also bear in mind that some areas of psychology may require specialization in a certain field. It is thus important to take into consideration this aspect so that you can be able to research that area effectively. The topics are many to choose from, so make a choice that suits you best.