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Real Estate Management Software Development: Features and Tips

That’s not a secret that competition in the real estate market is growing every day. Only truly successful companies with the most variety and high-quality range of services can survive in such conditions. In this situation, the virtual presence of the company in the Internet is of utmost importance. In such a case the digitalization of the Real Estate business comes to the rescue. Real estate business management software is the most efficient way to convey information about new offers on the real estate market to the interested parties and manage your real estate agents.

Main Features of a Real Estate Management System

All real estate agencies are working according to a similar algorithm. They build a database of property objects and based on customer’s requirements (whether they are looking for a property “for rent” or “for sale”) select the best options for further consideration. Gone are the times when these processes were done manually as this method involved a lot of precious time. Due to the fact that people do not like waiting, they go to companies that can provide such kind of information instantly. And with a management system for real estate, you, as a business owner, win a lot of time and effort.

When building such software for Real Estate business, developers focus on the following features:

  • Property listing;
  • A detailed description of the property objects with photo, video, location map, price;
  • Ability to search for the desired property object according to the specified criteria;
  • Instant communication with real estate agents;
  • Ability to have a video tour to explore the property before scheduling a live property viewing tour with the realtor;
  • Complete information about the life of the company: articles, media, employees and so on.;
  • Mortgage calculator.

How to Implement Real Estate Business Management System?

Real estate software is designed for maximum automation of the everyday work of realtors, brokers and real estate agencies in general. If you consider the development of Real Estate software from scratch, it might be a very expensive and time-consuming process. To make this digital solution more affordable to the majority of agencies, the developers created ready-to-use applications that can easily be adapted to the needs of any real estate agency.

This turnkey approach has resulted in a program that can solve the entire range of tasks related to the real estate business. It will monitor deal conclusion, maintain a clients’ database, handle company accounting, and arrange agency workflow. Such an application can be easily and quickly adjusted to specific customer requirements, leaving the possibility to customize the mobile apps with the branding colors of the real estate agency. As the real estate management software automates the work of the whole agency and simplify the customer’s journey for the perfect property search, it will significantly increase staff productivity and the total profit of the company will also grow.

Basic Components of Real Estate App

Ready-to-use digital solution for the real estate agency takes into account the needs of all parties involved in this business. It has a multi-level structure and consists of the following components:

Admin Panel for a Business Owner

This software part allows an agency owner to organize and coordinate team performance by managing its schedule, workload, available properties on the market, number of appointments scheduled for the property viewing tours, etc. You will easily control your real estate agents, get day-to-day statistics on all their activities, signed deals and your sales statistics. Besides, you will always have access to the latest version of property catalog, the ability to make changes in the system, and send out push-up notifications for your customers, notifying them about any new promotional campaigns or news from your agency.

Web Portal for Realtors

Everyone can imagine the hectic working day of a real estate agent. Time is the most precious thing for this market. Web application for realtors will become an effective assistant for managing their schedule and appointments, organizing live tours, amending deal status. They will not get rid of annoying overlaps in their schedule and will not keep clients waiting for a response for hours, as all clients’ requests go straight to the realtor’s messenger integrated into the mobile app for the customers. Taking everything into account, the web portal for realtor is a powerful tool to organize everyday tasks and processes of each real estate agent.

Mobile application for the clients

All your clients will receive round the clock access to the latest property offers, according to the preferences. They will be able to obtain full information about a chosen object, see its location on the map, have a video tour (to take a look at the property before going their in person) and schedule a live property viewing tour. All these actions are done via the mobile application without tiring correspondence, exhausting and missed phone calls.

A landing web-page for a real estate agency

The more users know about any real estate agency, more trust the business will get. Corporate branding, detailed information about your company and your employees is an effective marketing tool that allows you to engage more clients, build a loyalty for your brand and sign more deals in the future. It is crucial to provide your visitors with comprehensive information about your company as well as add a contact form for fast interaction via the website.

To sum up everything which is mentioned above, it is up to every business owner of the real estate agency whether to develop a real estate agency software from scratch or consider a ready-to-use mobile solution. However, moving forward with the second option will save your time and budget, while still keep the individual approach to each agency’s representative to customize the existing digital solutions and style the app according to the corporate branding to meet the specific needs of any real estate agency. Moreover, while choosing a reliable software development partner, the continuous customer support at all stages of cooperation will be provided as well as publishing the app to App Store & Google Play and its further support and hosting. Are you still racking your brain on how to engage more customers and enable the further growth of your Real Estate agency? It’s time to move forward with a ready-to-use Real Estate management software. To find our more detailed information about it, please visit this site.