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Psoriasis Treatment Guidelines – 2024 Beginners Guide

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Psoriasis is not pleasant to have, and many people struggle with it. There are many treatments that can be used for this, and their effectiveness is different for different people, depending on the cause of the diseases itself. This is particularly the reason for many different options for treatments and many combinations of the treatments that can be used in order to put psoriasis under control. After some research conducted, we proudly present guidelines to make this skin change better.

Treatment in which different creams are used

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Since psoriasis is a change in the top and deeper layers of the skin, and this change results in the skin that is flaky has different structures and texture, and it behaves differently from the surrounding parts. The skin may be very dry and snap easily, so this is why the first treatment we will discuss is in the form of the cream.

One of the treatments in the form of a cream is corticosteroid creams that, next to the ingredients that are used for care and moisture of the skin, contains active substances called corticosteroids that are stopping or decreasing the response of the immune system that is one of the reasons psoriasis exists. These creams may decrease the size and severity of the affected area. Before usage, it is important to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

More information about different corticosteroid creams can be found at this site.

Vitamin D can be used in creams as well, and it is an ingredient that is beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, as well as salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is well known for its antiseptic traits, and it is used to prevent bacteria from invading the area and making an infection. In addition to this, salicylic acid will decrease the number of skin cells that are dead and help them shed. This will lead to the production of new and healthy cells, which will replace the ones that were faulty.

Other creams that can be used, aka the ingredient that can be useful in the treatment of this skin change, is vitamin A or its deviate retinol. Retinol has an effect on the inflammatory processes, and it reduces them, giving your body a chance to increase the production of the new skin cells and replace the old ones.

It is essential to use creams that are moisturizing since the affected area will be very dry and adding an additional layer of protection that will keep the skin wet and reduce the scaling and drying out. There are some creams that are specially made and contain ingredients that are protecting the first layer of cells giving the body time to get operand on the whole situation and produce more healthy cells.

Therapy that involves usage of light

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Light can have a positive effect on skin changes, but it is essential to be approved by the doctor. The thing that is available to everyone is sunlight, and it can be used to treat the affected skin. Be sure that this occurs in short intervals since longer periods of time may cause further damage to the DNA in the cells. It is essential to make sure that affected skin is protected with proper UV block.

In addition to sunlight, additional therapy with different rays may be used, for these purposes, UVA and UVB parts of the spectrum may lead to additional improvement of the skin quality. This kind of therapy may lead to a decrease in the moisture, so additional care is needed after the treatment.

The laser can be used as well in order to make the skin more smooth and just take off the first, dead layer of cells and give the skin a chance to repair and get the new cells to replace the ones that are faulty. When it comes to this treatment, it has shown effectiveness in less session than when compared to the UVA and UVB treatments since it is stronger, and hence it will provide results faster. Additional care of the skin treated is in order.


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Different medications can be used when the mentioned treatments are not enough; these are used in severe cases of this disease. It can happen that the body in the attempt of taking over the whole thing starts to attack the new cells and cause even more severe symptoms, so additional care is needed.

Corticosteroid tablets can be used to stop the immune system from overreacting and attacking the cells of the skin. They do decrease the overall immune response, so they will need to be used with caution since people using them will be more prone to infections.

As mentioned, vitamin A and substances that are precursors of it, such as retinol, may be of use since they will work from the inside to decrease the inflammation processes and increase the chance of repair of cells in the bottom layers.


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A proper and healthy diet may be of help since different foods may increase the inflammation processes in the body, and most people that do have this condition do have some foods that will increase the size and severity of the change when certain foods are consumed. It is important to maintain a healthy state of body and mind while treating psoriasis since mental health can increase the reactivity of the skin and lead to increased inflammation processes. A balanced diet filled with foods you love, packed with nutrients and vitamins, has shown that positive effects on the repair and reactivity of the affected areas in the first place.


Depending on the severity and surface of the area that is affected, different treatments are required. It is important to say that they will need to be treated from the inside as well as from the outside, so proper diet and drugs, if needed to treat it from the inside, are essential for healing to start. In addition to this, many use topical creams that are filled with ingredients that will treat the skin and help it grow better and stronger. It is important to be persistent and not to give up on finding the right combo of treatments.