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7 Simple Methods to Prove Fault in a Car Accident

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Unfortunate, car accidents are not a rare case, and car collisions are causing many injured people every year. It is always important to follow the rules and be careful when you are driving to avoid any type of accident. However, if you somehow become a part of some car collision, it is important to prove that it was not your fault.

There are many cases where both of the drivers would accuse each other as being responsible for the accident, and if you are sure that another driver was the one who caused the crash, you must be able to prove that and get full insurance and coverage for that. Also, it is important to contact the lawyer who is specialized in this kind of case, like Rosengard Law Group, which is a law group with experience in proving guilt in accidents and helping to get full coverage.

Besides hiring a lawyer, there are also many other important things that you will need to do right after the accident that will help you to prove that it was not your fault. Here are some of the crucial and simple methods to prove fault in a car accident.

1. Take Pictures

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It is simple to take photos of the place of an accident when all of us are using smartphones today. It is very important to take pictures of the place because they can serve as evidence on the court in a case that other participants in the collision claim how it was your fault. Be sure to take photos from different angles, and all other parts if there are any around cars or on the road. However, it is crucial to first call 911 if there are some injured people. Also, always call the nearest police department, because they will also make a report of the accident that you could use in your favor.

2. Always Call the Police

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You should always avoid arguing with other people after the accident and call the police who will create a report, take pictures, and evaluate the level of the accident and possible responsibility of some participants in the crash. Also, they can find the marks of braking and all other evidence on the road that will help you to prove your innocence.

3. Analysis of the Evidence

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There are often broken parts that were left on the road after the collision, and you should take photos of them. The police will also create a set of pictures of the vehicles, parts, and the road, that will help them to understand the situation. Also, the parts that were damaged can be crucial in your defense, especially when it comes to the front and end damages on vehicles. Turning left too soon is a frequent cause for many accidents, and you could easily prove that you are not guilty in such a case. In most cases, a person who was behind in such an accident is considered guilty for not braking on time.

4. Find Witnesses

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One of the most effective ways to prove which fault caused the collision is by calling the witnesses who were around you when the accident occurred. In many cases, some people would stop immediately when they see some accident, and it will help you to have a reliable witness who does not know both of the drivers. He can also be crucial for you at court.

5. Try to Stop the Other Person from Leaving the Place

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It is not a rare case that people who caused the accident would try to escape, but you can easily solve that by taking photos of him and license plates on his vehicle. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about proving the fault on the court when other drivers ran off the place right after the collision. It is necessary to call the police on time and provide them with the photos.

6. Compliance with the Traffic Laws

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In case that other drivers broke some traffic laws such as driving too fast, running through the red light, and many more, you should not have any problems with the determination of who was guilty of the accident. In most cases, people are ready to cooperate and make an agreement of who is responsible when it is obvious. However, if a person refuses to admit that it was its fault, you should call your attorney and take the case on the court.

7. Hiring the Attorney

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Getting a lawyer is very important in these cases, because a good attorney, like ones that you could find if you contact Rosengard Law Group, can be of great help and crucial part of the process, where you will be able to get full compensation for the damage on your car, and any possible injuries. When you get in this kind of situation, you should call the attorney right after you call the police and the ambulance if needed.

No matter who is at fault, it’s important to reach out to experienced car accident attorneys as soon as it’s safe to do so. The team at Serious Injury Law Group will help ensure you receive the support and compensation you deserve.

The Bottom Line

Many of us saw how many people are arguing after the crash, which could lead to much bigger problems. Remember, no matter how aggressive another driver is, you must remain calm and wait for the officials to come at the place of an accident. The most effective ways of easily proving your innocence are to remain calm, call 911, take pictures, and call your lawyer.

Our advice is to avoid trying to create an agreement with another person without calling the police because he can trick you and getaway. On the other side, it would be much harder for you to fault on the court if you don’t report the accident on time. Also, the insurance company will refuse to compensate you for the damage to your car if there is no police report of the accident.

As you can see, proving fault after the accident is not so complicated if you follow all of the important steps. Also, even if it is your fault, never leave the place, because you will get a much higher penalty for doing so.