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Online Security Essentials While Traveling Abroad

Cybersecurity is currently extremely underrated. People don’t think protecting themselves physically and virtually is essential, even though online scams and harassment cases are soaring high with no positive change.

After months in lockdown, air travel has finally resumed, though not in its previous glory. But enough to plan a short vacation in Covid free locations with proper precautions and following the strict SOP guidelines.

Just how we take good care of our physical well-being, online security is also vital to ponder over. While traveling, people usually let their guard down and don’t think much in this regard; they are in their fun spirit, which is excellent, but so is keeping yourself secure at all times.

These tips are not just explicitly targeting our fellow travelers, but everyone. Cybersecurity is no joke, and you will find numerous cybercrimes in your own home country/city as well. It’s only a matter of time until you also become a part of some racket trying to get all your money or sensitive information through your online accounts. Hence security is crucial in all aspects of life.

While we see several blogs regarding packing essentials for traveling abroad and similar things, there are barely any details about your online security while traveling abroad. So here it is now, read, enlighten, and practice safety across all mediums.


We can’t stress enough the importance and need of a VPN while traveling abroad. A Virtual Private Network is a tool that encrypts your data and protects you from hackers and malicious content online. It also keeps your online activity anonymous, so if you want to connect to public wifi, you can without fear of losing your data to hackers.

A VPN can also help you access Disney+, Hulu, and other restricted content from anywhere while maintaining your anonymity. So basically, a VPN is an all in one solution for your safety and entertainment abroad.


No one travels without their devices now, mobile, Ipad and laptop are an essential gadget for traveling. And so is their safety. Install an antivirus on your gadgets that are frequently in use while you travel the world. An antivirus will clean sweep your device of any malware that may have come through numerous websites that you visit in that region.

Device Updates

Keep your device software up to date. Out-dated devices tend to get slow, and can be vulnerable, exposed to alot of threats. It may also cause your device not to work effectively or even cause it to shut down completely. So, complete all the tasks before you begin your travel.

Data Back up

Taking effective care of your device also means taking care of your data within that device. Create multiple backups at home to prevent any misuse. Or, in worse case scenarios, if your device is stolen, your data will be safe back home in your harddrive. We also prefer you to clear out your laptop of any sensitive or confidential information to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.

Two-way verification

Secure all your online accounts with the help of two-way authentication. It means that if someone is trying to log into your account, they won’t be able to do so without proper authentication as the account does not belong to them. The site will immediately warn you via email or phone that someone is trying to get into your account.

Track your Device

There are currently numerous apps and software which you can use to track a stolen item or device. All you have to do is install and activate it on your phone, which will help you track your phone in theft or lose your device somewhere.

Android and iOS stores have numerous a pps and software that can help you track your phone if it goes missing. Only use a tried and tested app with good reviews; test it out with your family beforehand to understand its workings.

Disable Auto-connect

Our phones connect to any available wifi or Bluetooth at home because of google’s assistance of multiple other devices present in numerous houses. But it is not feasible for you to keep this option on for international travel. There are significant threats of hacking and your data getting stolen from your mobile phone without your knowledge.

International Phone Plan

While traveling abroad, even a few days, get an international phone plan for yourself or your family. It will give you access to phone calls and messages between you and your family and provide you with access to the internet without you having to use public wifi.

Data plans will help you stay away from malicious public wifis, a hub for hackers and scammers. It may seem expensive, but an investment worth your safety.

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It isn’t any tool or device; instead, your senses must be active and attentive at all times in your surroundings. Stay vigilant regarding your online activity and the services or devices you use abroad or in your hotel room. Check your room thoroughly for any hidden devices. If you are using the hotel TV for Netflix or any streaming service, always sign out before leaving as anyone can take access to your account and credentials.

Moreover, keep an open eye on all your account activities while abroad, avoid clicking on any miscellaneous links, and keep track of your bank statement online. Avoid posting your exact location on public social media platforms for your safety.


We tend to take our safety very lightly when we have our vacation mode on. We may beware of all the physical harm that comes our way, but don’t follow the same protocol when browsing online for the next spot that we can visit while booking a new Airbnb or making transactions online.

We get that you want to relax rather than be paranoid about your safety abroad, but securing yourself in all aspects is essential for you and your family. Hacking, scamming, and phishing are serious crimes that can cause serious harm if no precautionary measures effectively occur. So stay safe, stay protected by following all the tips mentioned above.