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Rise of Online Poker

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The origin of Poker is somewhat debatable; some historians claim that the game could have dated back to the 10 century while others believe that its roots go further back in time. Over the years, the sport has undergone tremendous changes while amassing a worldwide fan-base. The game has several variants that are interesting, besides demanding a level of skill, shrewdness, and luck in order to win. Traditionally, poker has been known to be a game that is widely played in casinos, but nowadays it can be easily played in online casinos. This was unexpected just a few years back, but the online casino game has reached new peaks.

Well, ever since the internet set its foot in the world, almost every industry underwent some sort of disruption. It was a complete paradigm shift for many, facing out those who refused to adapt. A lot of companies closed down, while new ones were being formulated. Little did the world know that poker was going to experience an unprecedented boom. So how did companies such as pokerab.com become so popular across the globe? To answer this question, here’s an in-depth look at the rise of online poker.

Where It All Began

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As the world of gambling shifted most of its operations from brick and mortar facilities to online platforms, there was a mixed reaction among players. Most skeptics scorned the idea of playing it online while the optimists saw where the future of the sport was headed. It’s quite clear now who won that argument. The story of online poker can’t be complete without mentioning Chris Moneymaker. He qualified to enter the World Series of Poker after being selected through an online poker site; Chris went on to win the $2.5 million prize, beating the other 838 players. This created an appetite among many players to join numerous online poker sites. In addition, this also elevated the notoriety of such platforms, with professional poker players realizing that the online sites weren’t merely for mediocre players. They finally recognized them as places for honing one’s skills. Seeing a surge in the number of players, many companies began creating more online platforms and within no time, a boom was underway.

Global Recognition

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Given how online poker has brought about numerous benefits, it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to join the bandwagon. It became relatively easy for the common Joe to learn how to play it and pursue a career in it. For others, these platforms have proven to be a great way to pass time. Soon, the global revenue of the game went through the roof and it wasn’t long before the craze raised the eyebrows of many jurisdictions.

While many nations gave some online poker firms the green light to operate, countries such as the U.S chose to go a different way by prohibiting them. This was the first significant setback that the sport encountered. Despite this, the industry still managed to experience significant growth. Players largely depended on their PCs and laptops to play; as a result, the online poker rush began to plateau. However, this didn’t go on for very long as the sector yet again decided to change tact.

Mobile Gaming

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By 2010, as the world was getting accustomed to mobile apps and gaming, so were many online poker companies. The move to mobile phones meant that players could access games whenever and wherever they wanted. This further elevated the love and fame of the game even to the so-called unreachable. Nowadays, literally anyone can easily learn and play poker, as long as they are 21 years and above. One of the most lovable features with such apps is the ease of accessing playing rooms.

A Change of Heart in the US Market

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In 2011, the Online Poker Industry witnessed a surprising move by the Department of Justice in the United States, which legalized the game in select states. Online giants 888poker swiftly sprang into action, beginning their operations in New Jersey. Due to their massive success, many poker companies and states plunged themselves into the market as well.

Having read the rise of online poker, here’s a look at the advantages that come with playing the game on such platforms.

Advantages of Playing Online Poker

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Unlimited Poker Rooms

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, the online platform presents players with an endless list of poker rooms. This means that gamers are no longer limited to their geographical location.

Variety of Games

When it comes to popularity, the most dominant version of this game is Texas Holdem. With online platforms, players can access a wide variety of the game compared to land-based casinos.

Great Deals and Bonuses

Due to the competitive nature of this industry, many companies look for unique ways of hooking clients. As a result, online platforms are known to have incredible incentives such as bonuses and deals.

Poker Tips and Strategies

With an illuminating background and some merits of playing online poker, you probably want to start testing your skills. Before jumping right in, here are a couple of things you should consider if you really want to have a successful career in poker.

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Rules, Positions, and Poker Hands Ranking

First and foremost, you need to familiarize yourself with poker hand rankings. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re unaware of which hand is superior to the other as this will waste your valuable time. Poker hand charts are easily accessible these days, getting a hold of one can greatly improve your playing experience.

Harnessing Your Emotion

In the course of playing poker, you’ll realize that one of your greatest enemies lies deep within you. Harnessing one’s emotions is one of the most essential virtues any serious poker player ought to develop. While no one can actually hedge him\herself from having a bad night at the table, controlling your emotions can put you right back in the game.

Don’t Rush

If you’re new to poker, it’s quite easy for you to feel overwhelmed with all the elements of the game such as your opponent’s hand, positions, hand rankings, etc. One of the mistakes a lot of players make in the game is rushing. You should always cultivate the habit of playing only when you have thoroughly analyzed your options.