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Most Interesting Commercials Ever

If you have social media accounts and use different kinds of platforms on a daily basis, then, for sure, you have noticed commercials that pop up, well, almost everywhere. Some people are annoyed by these since they usually pause videos at the most interesting parts, but still, you have to admit that some of these are pretty good, and we are going to discuss them in the following article.

Digital marketing is a vast field, and ads are only one small part of it. There are so many different techniques and strategies that you can use to improve brand awareness. Some of them you can do on your own like building a social media fan base, however, there are some, like commercials, that require you to hire professional service. If you want to know what these include.

We are going to start with the Reebok: 25,915 ads. The number reflects the number of days in an average person’s life, so it is clear why they opted for that title. The point of this commercial is not only to promote their merchandise but also to help raise awareness of the importance of our physical health. In this campaign, they used #HonorYourDays hashtag. The commercial follows a woman’s love of running, but in reverse, from the time she is middle-aged to her younger years and finally to the day she was born. At the end of the commercial, there is a button that says, “Calculate your days”. This might seem a little bit strange, but in reality, it will take you to their official website that displays the pictures of other people honoring their days’.

Furthermore, often you will see some celebrities in popular ads. Large and successful companies like Heinz can get anyone, but they opted to collaborate with Ed Sheeran for their latest campaign in the UK. The ad is fairly simple, Ed is narrating and telling us that even the most exquisite meals are not good unless we add Heinz ketchup to them. What makes this ad popular and funny is Ed and his bubbly personality. We can freely say that their marketing team made a great choice when they decided to ask magnificent Sheeran for collaboration.

When it comes to GO Pro ads, by now, you are probably used to them being adventurous – people jumping out of airplanes, bungee jumping, and other, some would say, dangerous activities. However, a few years ago, the company decided to go in a completely different direction. Instead of a commercial that will make our heart skip a beat, we got the one that made us shed a tear. The video features a firefighter saving a kitten. So why did they decide to do something differently? The answer is fairly simple, they wanted to reach a wider audience, and they managed to do that by creating an inspiring video that shows us that anyone of us can be someone’s hero.

To sum up, in this text, we have only mentioned three commercials, but there is a reason why we chose these. They show us that there is more than one way to become appealing and grab people’s attention, whether it is something funny or something encouraging.