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What Are the Most Important Poker Tournaments in the World?

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Do you like poker and want to enjoy a more enriching experience? We invite you to know the best and most important poker tournaments in the world. If you already find a poker game exciting, you will find a good poker tournament much more exciting.

The problem with the best poker tournaments in the world is that not everyone can play in them. Only the best players can have access to them. But luckily, we can watch them live and learn the techniques used by the players. Thanks to this learning we can improve our style of play and who knows, maybe in the future thanks to this learning we can also participate in these tournaments. Having said that, we will now show you the best poker tournaments.

1. World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker tournament is the best tournament in the world and the most popular according to the poker experts of pokerhub.cc. It is not only a very important tournament in America, but it is really very popular worldwide. The vast majority of poker players always aim to play in this tournament.

It was created in 1970 and it has more than fifty different tournaments in terms of modalities. Thanks to this amplitude, it is already developed worldwide. However, it is important to highlight that the WSOP headquarters is in Las Vegas.

This tournament not only stands out because it is attended by the best poker players in the world, but also because it offers really big prizes. Thanks to these prizes, today it can be said that it is a super popular tournament.

2. World Poker Tour

It is a tournament that was launched in 2002 for the first time and since then it has not stopped gaining popularity.  In a way it has gained popularity because it offers very succulent prizes to the players and that makes the best players want to participate. As of today it has become one of the most popular.

In addition, it has gained popularity because it itself is broadcasted through different television channels. It can be watched live from anywhere in the world, another point that has made the tournament so popular.

3. World Championship of Poker online

Another tournament was launched to the world in 2002 and has also managed to succeed worldwide. Contrary to the aforementioned tournament, it is only played online. This means that players can play from home in one of the most important tournaments worldwide. This shows that online poker is becoming more and more important.

The tournament is also known under the acronym WCOOP and is always held in September. To give you an idea, this tournament has reached 10 million dollars. Being a really succulent prize, this makes more and more prestigious players want to be present in this online tournament.

In order to participate we only have to download the program on the computer, create an account and then pay the entry fee. You can also enter for free through a satellite tournament.

4. European Poker Tour

This tournament aimed at Europeans was launched for the first time in 2004 and despite being limited, the truth is that it has become another of the best tournaments in the world.

Despite the fact that the tournament is one of the youngest in the current catalog, the truth is that it has a lot of recognition in Europe and outside the old continent.

This tournament tends to stand out for two main reasons. Firstly, the final tables are made up of eight players, not to mention that all tournaments are televised. It has been proven that televising the tournaments helps the tournament to have more prominence at an international level. The number of followers is growing strongly, which helps the prizes to be higher.

5. Triton Poker

In a way it can be defined as a franchise-type tournament. As Pokerhub experts tell us, Triton Poker has several tournaments spread all over the world. That makes the difference compared to other tournaments. This difference has allowed it to gain a lot of popularity.

Thanks to the fact that it has several events spread all over the world, each player can sign up for the one that best suits his needs. Each event has a different size and consequently a different prize. But all the tournaments form a big tournament, which is why it is becoming so popular.

Being quite expensive tournaments, only the best players are eligible to play. But it is very popular again because it is televised all over the world in different languages. If you want to enjoy different games spread over different countries of the world, this tournament can be a great choice for you. Thanks to the professional players you will be able to learn many things and thus improve your playing style.

6. World Series Poker Europe

In a certain way it can be defined as an expansion of the WSOP. If there is something we have to highlight it is for being the only tournament that delivers bracelets outside the USA. That has given it a lot of popularity and for that reason we wanted to include this tournament in the list.

To give you an idea, it is a very old tournament, it was launched in 1970 and since then it has always been at the top of the ranking of the best tournaments in the world.

The dynamics is the same as with the American version. The only difference is that instead of playing it on American soil it is played in Europe. Leaving aside that difference, the tournament is quite similar to its brother. As for the players, it is true that the highest percentage of players are European, but the door is not closed to other players.