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6 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid When Gifting Sunglasses

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Buying gifts for the people close to you is very important. There are so many occasions that call for presents and it can get tough to come up with original and useful gifts the person of the hour would be happy to receive. With that being said, not every gift is suitable for every occasion and there should be considerable differences for once in a lifetime events, and yearly holidays or birthdays. Not all of us are good at buying presents, and more often than not we stress too much about it. Actually, certain people go through so much trouble only to end up giving something random because they have no more time.

If this sounds like something you regularly go through whenever there is a birthday or another special occasion coming up, we can help. Have you ever thought about giving sunglasses to your friends and family as gifts? Everyone needs sunglasses in their life, and more than one pair for that matter. It is a very useful accessory that serves multiple functions, and as such is sure to make the gift receiver happy.

In this article we will focus on giving sunglasses as gift. More precisely, there is going to be more words about the mistakes to avoid when buying sunglasses for others as well as tips that can help you choose the right pair. If you want to know more about sunglasses and need a good place to look for that perfect pair, make sure to check out quivedo.com.


We will start with the tips so that you have all the right information regarding the purchase of a pair of sunglasses for a person close to you.

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1. Know Their Face

Since you care about the person in question, you probably know a thing or two about them. The most important factor to consider is the shape of their face. Not all sunglasses are made equal and certain models fit certain shapes of the face. Common face shapes include square, oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. Most sunglasses collections have various models for each face shape so make sure to browse accordingly. If you are having trouble with telling what type of face the person has, take a look at some photos of them or ask other people you both know for some help. You can also recall what kind of sunglasses they already have and buy them a similar but different model.

2. Consider the Brand

Speaking of glasses they already own, let us talk a bit about the companies who make glasses. People usually have a favorite brand for every piece of clothing they own, as well as every accessory they consider buying. If, for example, your friend whose birthday is coming up already has a few Ray-Ban glasses, it would be nice to get them a third pair because they are obviously a fan. Similarly, if a family member likes a few fashion brands and always buys their products, look no further. Even if they do not own sunglasses at all but appreciate a certain brand, gifting them a pair will surely make them feel happy.

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3. Think About their Style

Now that we have the face shape and the brand covered, the next thing you have to know is the person’s style. There are countless different styles out there, especially in this day and age when differences are celebrated and individuality is put in front. Actually, it seems that every person can have their own style which is an amazing thing for the whole fashion industry. You surely know how the person dresses and what type of clothes and other things they wear. You are familiar with the colors, shapes, and patterns they prefer as well as the size of clothes. There is a big difference between aviator glasses, large square glasses, and the iconic 70s round shapes.


Alright, now that you are more familiar with how to choose the best model for the person you care about, it is time to talk about mistakes people usually make when gifting glasses to others.

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1. Forgetting UV Protection

One of the most common things people fail to remember when buying glasses for others is the UV protection of the model in question. There are countless fashion models that do little else than look good. This is fine of course, as things should be aesthetically pleasing. However, they also need to serve their main purpose and that is to protect the eyes from too much sunlight. Certain brands have the UV protection extra, but there are always models that have them. Making sure the pair has UV protection also shows the person you care about their health and not just their appearance.

2. Buying Something You Like

Basing your decision solely on whether or not you would wear the pair is not the way to go when buying sunglasses. As a matter of fact, it is never the best way to choose a gift because people are different and because you should know if or when the person has other preferences. You do not have to share everything and agree in everything to be close. On the contrary, when browsing for sunglasses you should have their choices in mind and forget about whether you like them or not. It hardly matters how wacky or colorful they seem to you. If you know that is something they would like, go for it.

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3. Buying Cheap

It is easy to tell when a pair of sunglasses is cheap, especially if you make the mistake of choosing a knockoff product. Genuine pairs tend to get pretty expensive, but most brands also have mid-tier, affordable options. If you want elegance and class for the person you are gifting them to, you will make sure not to buy a cheap fake pair of a popular model just to save some money. Iconic styles and sleek, trendy looks can never be replicated outside of the brand’s factories, so do not try to go around and look for cheaper options. Worst of all, the person will surely notice it, either from the glasses, the declaration, or another telltale sign.