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4 Best Mailing Envelopes for Ecommerce

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To keep the product safe while mailing is the top most priority of every ecommerce business. The documents are delicate and can tear apart if not handled properly. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to pick the envelopes that can keep your documents secure from any damage.

Many people think that boxes are the best option and they are right but there are many alternatives as well. In this article, we will be sharing some of the best mailing envelopes that every ecommerce store should use to reduce the waste generated. This will also help them in saving their money. But before we jump into that, let us understand why envelopes are more beneficial than the boxes for mailing.

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Why Should You Choose a Mailer?

Envision a packaging choice that impeccably fit your items, ensures assurance, and is more affordable than the conventional packaging techniques. Here comes the role of a mailer.

On top of these advantages, mailers are far more straightforward to store than other packaging materials such as boxes, and lessen the measure of material expected to pack a thing. This definitely further develops packing effectiveness and diminishes material utilization which can be more harmless to the ecosystem.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Envelopes Than Boxes for Mailing?

  • When a business uses boxes to ship their products, it requires large labour to pack and properly seal the boxes with the tape. But by using envelopes, there is no requirement of setting up. It means that less workers are needed to do this job.
  • The materials from which the envelopes are made up of are quite affordable. It means that every ecommerce business should consider this option to save extra money that is generally spent on the packaging.
  • The shipping and the storage expenses also decrease because the envelopes occupy very less space and are lightweight as compared to the boxes.
  • They are flexible. So, even if you buy the same sized envelopes for mailing different sized or shaped items, they will perfectly do their job. If you are looking forward to purchasing such flexible and affordable envelopes, check here.

Best Mailer Envelopes Every Ecommerce Should Know

There are different types of envelopes available for you in the market but here we have categorized them based upon the material from which they are made. You can choose any one from the options below depending upon your requirement. If you are mailing some fragile or delicate item, then you need to pick the cushioned envelopes that provide more protection against damages. 

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Plastic mailers:

If you sell products that have sharp edges or are heavy, then plastic envelopes will be the perfect option for you. They are durable and are also known by the name “poly mailers” because they are made from polyethylene. Another advantage of using plastic mailers is that they are weatherproof and give your products a more luxurious or high-end feel. 

Paperboard mailers: 

There are some products that you do not want to get folded during the shipment. For such products, you should consider using a paperboard mailer, which is often known as stay flat mailers. You can find a wide variety of paper mailers in different styles and colours. They are mostly prefered to mail items like books, calendars, documents, etc.

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Paper mailers:

The best part of using paper mailers is that they are very affordable and at the same time eco-friendly. They do not cause any harm to the environment as paper can be recycled easily. But they are only available in limited colors and designs. 

Cushioning and non-cushioning mailers:

As mentioned earlier as well, if you want to transport fragile products, then you need to choose a mailer that provides extra protection. However, you need to keep in mind that the cushioning mailers are more expensive than the other mailers. So, if you do not require so much protection, there is no need to waste money on buying such envelopes. For example soft goods like tshirt do not require a bubble wrapping around it because it is not going to break anyways.

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Shipping Boxes

Envelopes are helpful in mailing lightweight products but if your ecommerce business sells heavy items, then you need something robust. In such cases, one can use shipping boxes. The very first thing that crosses your mind while picking up the boxes is its size.

The size of the boxes depends upon the product or the order. When you choose a large box for shipping a small item, then this will damage the product as it will keep on sliding or moving here and there in the box.

Another reason for why you should not choose big boxes is that it increases the shipping or transportation costs. The shipping cost is determined by the weight of the package. To protect fragile items from getting damaged, you can use bubble wraps, which is pretty affordable. The air filled in the bubble wraps helps in protecting the items from breaking.

The most common shipping boxes that are used by ecommerce businesses are corrugated cardboards. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Another benefit of using them is that they are recyclable. So, you do not have to worry about the waste generated by it. Also, they do not contain any sharp edges and can be easily stored.

To Sum Up

There are many packaging materials available in the market for the ecommerce business. Boxes are a great option for shipping heavy items whereas envelopes are good for mailing lightweight products such as documents, books, calendars, etc. Depending upon your requirement, you can pick any option from the list of best mailers given above.