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Looking For A Broadband Upgrade? These 7 Unmissable Offers Will Get You Up To Speed In No Time 

Being stuck inside the house for a month might not be the idea of spring fun we all had in mind. While drinks in the garden, BBQs, and afternoons spent sunbathing might seem far-off dreams right now, hopefully, it won’t be too long until we can all go back to our lives.

In the meanwhile, this much-hated social-distancing can be an excellent chance to learn new skills, launch a new website, or get fit for summer. However, you can forget about all these terrific plans if your browser takes about 20 minutes to load a simple news page, let alone a digital marketing course!

During these weird times, there is nothing we need more than fast broadband that can allow us to watch films without buffering and follow your home workouts. If your provider is letting you down, these offers can get you high-speed internet and save you from tearing your hair out every time you need to read the news.

1. BT Fibre Essential

Source: bt.com

One of the world’s most-renowned internet providers comes to save us from slow-loading web pages, and for cheap! The brilliant BT Fibre Essential broadband plan has nothing to envy to the most expensive options on the market. It provides an average speed of 36Mbps, which is enough to enjoy your movies in high definition (1080p) and run several applications at once on multiple devices.

This service is one of the most convenient out there at the moment: while boasting a whopping unlimited Fibre usage per month, it costs just as much as your standard cable broadband. For an excellent yet inexpensive option that satisfies the needs of the whole family, look no further!

2. BT Fiber 1

Source: bt.com

If you are tired of your kids (or boyfriend, for the matter) slowing down the WiFi by spending hours gaming, this BT broadband with an average speed of 50Mbps should be on your shopping list. With an up-front cost of just over $20 and an additional $30 a month, you can catch up with your favorite series and stream multiple films without an issue. Best of all, when you subscribe to this 24-month contract, you get a BT Gift Card to use on your next orders.

For just a dollar more a month, you can upgrade to superfast fiber broadband choices that reach the average speed of 67Mbps and allows you to download in HD on multiple devices.

3. Broadband + BT Sport on the go

Source: TechRadar

The range of BT broadband plans goes a step further here! While cheaper than watching sports matches on Sky, this 24-month contract allows you to enjoy the most entertaining events anywhere. If you are a fan of golf majors, Formula 1, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League, but don’t want to compromise on web performance, this is the ultimate broadband plan. This subscription offers unlimited access to the internet and excellent speed of 10Mbps, while priced at just under $40 a month.

4. Xfinity

Source: IoT Security News

Xfinity offers an excellent alternative if you are a little budget-conscious in these times of uncertainties. Costing only $20 a month, the basic Xfinity broadband plan provides an average download speed of 25Mbps, and it is perfect if you wish to connect up to 5 devices. One of the beauties of Xfinity plans is that they are incredibly flexible, and you can opt for a download speed of up to 200 Mbps, among other features.

Another great pro of Xfinity is its unparalleled customer service. Of course, this is a factor that we tend only to consider when things go wrong. However, the last way you want to spend your afternoon is on the phone with an oblivious representative! Xfinity boasts an impressive rating satisfaction index rating.

5. AT&T Fiber

Source: myBLOG-Online

AT&T is one of the international giants when it comes down to internet providers. Much like BT broadbands, AT&T offers a Fiber plan that is outstandingly affordable, yet impressive. With just under $50 a month, you can enjoy a download speed of 1000Mbps, and you can connect up to 14 devices. Whether you are launching your new digital career or you need to satisfy a large family of Millennials and Gen-Z’s, this plan can support high-quality HD video streaming and file sharing.

6. Google Fiber

Source: Money

This fiber-optic broadband provided by Google is an excellent solution if you refuse to deal with any additional stress this month. Set at $50 per month, the price of this plan is a little higher than its competitors. However, you won’t need to subscribe to years-long plans or think about signing forms and contracts.

The final cost includes installation, the modem, unlimited WiFi, firewall, and any checks and controls you might need over time. With Google Fiber, you can expect an average upload and download speed of 1 Gigabit, or 1000Mbps, and the ability to connect up to 20 devices at a time. If you are working on several projects, you might also find the included one terabyte of Cloud storage quite appealing!

7. Spectrum – Double Play Select

Source: Spectrum Customers

Spectrum is one of the lead high-speed internet providers and the king of bundles! If you are looking for a solution that can get you covered under any point of view, the Double Play Select package takes care of the internet, TV, movies, and even installation. Similarly to the Triple Play Silver and Gold bundles, with this bundle, you have access to over 125 HD channels and on-demand titles. With a little upgrade, Spectrum also offers unlimited phone calls to stay in touch with your friends during these times of social-distancing!

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect internet provider and broadband plan can be tricky, especially with so many offers on the market. If you are not an expert and not sure who to trust, big names in the field, such as BT broadband and Google Fiber, can take these problems off your mind. You will only need to think about your budget, required speed, and personal needs before placing your order online. You will get your new modem installed in no time and finally make the most of these spring months!