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Janelle Monae Shows Off Her Pink Domo Onesie

Janelle Monae shows the world she is still se*y in a pink Domo onesie.These flicks are from a recent Christmas party she attended with her friends.

Eminem was recently asked to perform at the NFL Owners Party during Super Bowl week, TMZ reported.

Representatives for the party and were interested in booking 41-year-old Eminem, but when the rapper’s agents asked for a financial agreement of a heafty $2million for the performance, event planners decided to decline on the offer and go in a different direction.

A source close to TMZ said that the performance deal was for “$1 million, plus a lot of other perks.”

Apparently the event planners were also interested in booking “Yeezus” rapper, Kanye West, to perform also. That deal also fell through because West’s performance fees were also incredibly high.

Though the event will be relatively small, only to be attended by 1,500 people, the NFL Owners Party still wanted to provided big name performances for their guest, AllHipHop.com reported.

However, the group settled for singer Janelle Monae who agree to perform for a reasonable $150,000.

TMZ also reported that many of the DJs and musicians performing during New Jersey’s first ever Superbowl week were getting paid at rates between $750 thousand to $1 million.

With that being said we can’t quite wrap our heads around why Monae would agree to do performances for such a significant price decrease, especially after the venue was initially willing to pay Eminem and West as much as $1 million?