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Is Wale (Brady) Is Going To Have To Choke A Chic?.. After Being Called A Lame

Here is the latest example of when keeping it 100 in hip hop goes wrong. This past weekend in Philly during the annual Roots Picnic in Philly Wale took the stage and Amanda Diva who was in the crowd spoke her mind via Twitter. And the rest of the story you can read for your self below.

Wale Folarin ‏@Wale
And I can’t spell Gullable. (gullible). My education wasn’t Shyt I guess

4h Wale Folarin ‏@Wale
Stop being Gullable.. Please.. Think about info before you lash… Really process things said by ppl seeking ATTENTION . America

Amanda Seales ‏@amandaseales
At some point, in an intrvw, some1 will ask 4 the whole @wale “tweet fight” story & I’ll gladly tell it. Bcuz it’s part of a bigger issue…

5h Amanda Seales ‏@amandaseales
In hip hop women r always expected to “be cool” abt completely out of line behavior from our male counterparts. No dice.

5h Amanda Seales ‏@amandaseales
Folks say “we expect that from him”. But what does that mean? It’s ok bcuz we all kno of the regularity of such behavior?

5h Amanda Seales ‏@amandaseales
Were I to get an apology then perhaps. But it shld be known that dude is completely out of line with women on a regular basis.

5h Amanda Seales ‏@amandaseales
I keep being told to “not sweat” that @Wale came in my face trying to fight me ovr a tweet. Y in hip hop do we excuse such behavior?