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Important Things You Should Know About The RaceMe Tuners

Tuners are essential in ensuring you get the most out of your engine system by allowing you to make minor changes in the operational settings of your engine. Tuners vary for every type of engine, so if you have a 6.0 powerstroke, for instance, you should get a tuner made for your engine (click here for options).

If you own a Dodge Cummins, you must know that the RaceMe tuners are one of the leading ones in the tuning world. Created by using the Mads Smarty Platform, these tuners can do everything that Smarty does and even more since some of the features have been removed. They are considered to be the fastest tuners available and people are increasingly using them for updating tunes on their Dodge vehicles.

If you are interested in purchasing a RaceMe tuner, you will be able to choose from three tuners that this company offers. In the text below, you will be able to see the complete reviews for all three tuners, as well as the benefits of having one. Let’s take a closer look at the reviews:

1. The Standard Jun Edition (2007.5-2009/2010-2011/2012)

Source: racemeofficial.com

The first thing you should know about this device is that it is incredibly easy to install it. Also, a lot of users report that it is incredibly reliable and that it works by using the OEM hardware. The gas economy is improved and upgraded, and the drivability is optimized. There will also be no tools required and you will not have to pull any fuses.

You can choose from three categories including the 40HP, 70HP, and 100HP. There is also a cold-weather three-cylinder high idle which will work well in all programs. The ABS wheel height can be updated in a matter of seconds and it ranges from 22.5’’ to 44’’. It also has an improved download speed, which means that a usual ECM update will take from 2 to 6 minutes to download, however, this will depend on the truck type. There are four settings to choose from including:

– Option 0 – stock HP with DPF Delete Option

– Option 1 – 40HP boost

– Option 2 – 70HP boost

– Option 3 – 100HP boost

The ABS Resizing

The wheels’ height could easily be modified to a maximum of 44’’ in less than a minute. As stated on the racemeofficial.com website, you will need to VIN lock this device to the vehicle if you want to get into the recalibration section.

A DTC Reader

The DTC reader will read and erase codes that are all showed in English. It also has the ability to erase ABS codes, however, this will not be displayed on the device.

The Updated ECM Speed

You might be a bit shocked when you find out that this tuner is better and faster than any other you can opt for. This is yet another feature that the company researched well and if you want to update your ECM, you can do so in less than 10 minutes. Which means that it is three times faster than any other diagnostic software.

2. The Pro Edition (2007.5-2009/2010-2012)

Source: racemeofficial.com

This device can remove the DPF system and every sensor that is connected to it. It can also switch off the EGR system without you having to remove any parts and it can tune the engine with an increase of 200HP in ten categories. Keep in mind that stage 0 has stock power without DPF or EGR and no options.

One of the best things about this pro tuner is that it comes with a built-in USB port, which means that downloading updates will be easier and an even better thing – all of the updates are completely free. It will also make it easier for you to release the horsepower and torque of your vehicle.

3. The Ultra Edition (2007.5-2018)

Source: racemeofficial.com

The RT (which stands for real-time) programming features will allow users to program their trucks to any stage that they want, with various changes in the timing, time term, rail weight, and VGT. All you will have to do is press one single button and the improvements will be available and installed right away.

So, this means that the line pressure will be increased in all gears, as well as throughout shift changes. The durability and firmness will also be increased, hence, there will be less slip in the clutches. The sixth gear will also be unlocked and downshifted, so, you will be able to avoid energy loss and the transmission will be longer.

The Benefits of Getting a RaceMe Tuner

1. You Can Gain More Horsepower

These devices come with a wide range of program settings, which means that it will also include power settings. This can help with improving the stability of the car under various conditions, however, this also implies that there will be more powerful. The tuning will change the air/fuel ratio, hence, you will have more torque and power.

2. It is Fuel-Efficient

In the past, the tuners were mostly used to gain more power for the vehicles, however, the recent changes also mean that your vehicle will be more fuel-efficient with tuning. Although it means that the power will be lower, you will still have enough more than enough of it for everyday driving.

3. The Upgrades Are Quite Affordable

There are various upgrades that can boost both power and fuel efficiency. For instance, a customized exhaust system can make an incredible difference. But, as you might know, these are quite expensive and will require a lot of work to be installed properly. However, tuning is a cheaper option and it is incredibly easy to install these devices.

4. They Are Incredibly Easy to Install

As previously mentioned throughout the article, the tuners can be easily installed. They now feature universal ports, hence, all you will have to do is plug it in your vehicle – and you will not have to take apart any parts.

Source: RaceME


As you can see, there are various reasons why you should get a tuner for your vehicle and the benefits you can reap are extremely good. So, now that you know what these tuners can provide you with, do not waste any more time and start researching more about them in order to figure out which one will fit your driving style and needs well.