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Importance of Test and Tagging

If you’re in Australia, you probably know that appliance testing and tagging is an essential process and that it can be done, or actually need to be done at certain time intervals. Many people don’t know the exact reason why it needs to be done, however, so in this guide, we’re going to take the time to hopefully educate you properly on just what the importance is of testing and tagging, so your employees and your company are better protected against possible fines and fees, or even future lawsuits and injuries that you could avoid if you don’t have your items properly tested and tagged. This guide is meant to give more info on the subject.

The Necessity of Testing and Tagging

Testing and tagging isn’t just an integral part of your workplace, it’s actually the law. If you have faulty equipment, and you end up allowing an employee to use it, not only could they get hurt, but they could also perish, which would be on your plate. Therefore, it’s important to know that small leakage of power can also be left unfixed, especially because things like small hairline cuts, fractures, and shorts in the wiring of an electrical item may not actually be visible, even though the problem and risk of electric shock is there. By using testing and tagging procedures, which are also a regulated law in Australia, you can ensure that insulation resistance, faults in wiring, and other things like safety switches work properly.

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If an Accident Happens

One thing that many employers don’t realize, is that they can actually protect themselves when it comes to electrical injuries as long as they properly follow testing and tagging guidelines. By having items that meet all of the safety standards in Australia, employers can avoid outrageous fines, defend themselves well in lawsuits against the company, and even avoid federal imprisonment.

Insurance Rates Drop

When you follow the right testing and tagging procedures on a regular basis, insurance companies like to see this, and they will even lower your insurance rate possibly. Many insurance premiums look at the risk that’s involved in their policies, so by following regular testing and tagging, you can actually get lower premiums simply because it lessens the risk that’s involved for your employees.

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Employees also benefit from companies for the same insurance premiums being lower if they work for a company that offers regular test and tag procedures to be met efficiently, and by having the items in the workplace properly tested and tagged, should an accident actually occur, it can greatly help the case if the insurance company has to get involved.


One major question is whether or not to hire a company, or just hire a dedicated internal team of test and tag professionals. Fortunately, we’ve got the answer for this too, even though the choice is ultimately up to you. Test and Tag companies have their own employees, which actually saves you a lot of time, paperwork, and money, simply because you don’t have to provide insurance, payroll, and supplies, let alone the custom training you have to give each individual that you would hire into an internal team in your business.