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Hunting Checklist for Beginners

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Whether you plan to go out hunting with a gun, a bow, or a crossbow this season after the summer, there are some must-have things before you go out to ensure that everything goes right.

You will need a sort of checklist to help understand what exactly you will need to properly gear yourself up, especially if you are a beginner or if this is your first time. I bet you are currently very excited at the fact that you are finally going to go on the first hunt in your life, but it is important to keep calm and stay level-headed to ensure that you properly pack everything you need.

However, as you are someone who does not have any expertise in this area, finding the right items to pack for your first hunting trip can be a bit tricky. The industry is so developed at this point that there are hundreds of different brands. However, websites like Lunde Studio give helpful guides and comparison reviews of different kinds of weaponry for your hunting needs.

To assist in your packing, here is a simple hunting checklist from TX Fowlers with all of the information you need.


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Whether you are going out hiking, hunting, or camping, you will always need a backpack. It is an essential item wherever you are going because you can put all kinds of items inside of it. You will be probably relying on this thing throughout the entire trip while you are out in the woods. It is where you will be keeping most of your gear, your water bottle, and your food.

However, you can’t just grab the first backpack you see at Walmart and go on your way. You will need something that will be able to fit all of the stuff you plan to carry with you and it has to be durable. You wouldn’t want your backpack to rip in the middle of a hunt, right? You might not even notice that it has ripped and you may lose your equipment. So, make sure you find something that is big enough, light, and durable.


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If you ask any of your friends or family members about the worst thing about going on a hunting trip is the fact that you will be walking constantly. To find the right place to position yourself, you will probably be waking miles and miles through the woods. This can be tiring and very hard on your feet. Without a comfortable set of boots, you might start getting blisters which will put a premature end on your trip.

Find a pair of boots that will be comfortable, but will also be durable enough to endure all kinds of terrain. If you can, try looking for something that is waterproof too because walking around with soggy socks is never a good idea.

Water and food

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If you plan on setting up camp and staying in the woods for more than one day, you will have to make sure that you have enough water and food. Eating multiple times throughout the day is very important if you want to keep yourself energetic and focused. Dehydration is also not a joke which means you should always have a bottle filled with water in your backpack. Pack several bottles of water because you will probably never find a clean source of water anywhere in the woods.

Even if you do find a source of water that does look clean, it is probably dirty. We wouldn’t recommend drinking water from random rivers or streams you find along the way in the woods.

A rifle scope

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What is the point of going out on a hunt, if you are not packing a rifle scope with enough magnification? You will need to have something good enough, so you can spot your target from far away. Most of the time, you should be set-up at least one or two hundred feet away from your target. Being too close can scare your prey. If you can’t seem to decide which rifle scope is the best for you, you can check out Targetfrog.com and their reviews about the specification of certain rifle scopes. This will surely help you make the right decision.


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You might think that you do not need any kind of optical magnification because you already got a rifle scope, but looking through your gun’s scope every time is not practical. While you are out strolling around the woods and scouting for the best place you can set-up camp, it will be much easier doing so with your binoculars. Having a reliable pair of binoculars by your side with enough magnification with a multi-coated lens for better brightness is always a must-have.


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Assuming that you are going to set up a camp in the woods while you are on your hunting trip, you will probably want to go strolling through the night too. However, walking through the wilderness in the night can be quite risky if you do not have any source of light with you.

We recommend getting a flashlight that has a reach of at least 300 feet and an output of at least 250 lumens. Anything below this will not be enough to give you a clear vision at night. Getting a flashlight that is waterproof is also a good feature because you will probably be met with a lot of rain and humidity.


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Like most of the predators in the wild, you will need to be as silent and as unnoticeable as possible while hunting for your prey. You will need to wear something that will conceal your movement and will not give out your position. Get a pair of wood camouflage gloves, boots, pants, and a head net too, to hide every single part of the skin. Human skin is very reflective which means animals will have a much easier time spotting you. Aim to make yourself as hidden as possible while out in the wilderness, if you want a successful hunt.

By following this hunting checklist, I believe that you will definitely increase your chances of coming home with a trophy.